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What do you think? Good/Bad deal?

Nice price, but I would walk in with your eyes very wide open and keep track of everything. He doesn't just have bad reviews on google, he also has a government action against him:

According to the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, RALEIGH - the owner of ES Motorsports, Inc., Ehsan Shahnawaz, 32, of Crosstimbers Drive in Greenboro was arrested on Feb. 22, 2012 and charged with illegally billing customers for tax, tag and title fees for 87 vehicle sales.

Inspectors charged Shahnawaz with selling vehicles to out-of-state customers, charging them illegally for North Carolina taxes, titles and tags, when the vehicles were not being titled or licensed in the state. The dealer also charged other fees not allowed by North Carolina law.

In total, Shahnawaz was charged with 87 felony counts of obtaining property by false pretense, 12 counts of common law forgery, and six counts of common law uttering. Misdemeanor counts included two counts of having open titles, 25 counts of charging hidden fees, 4 counts of failure to inspect vehicles prior to sale, and 13 counts of improper issuance of a 30-day marker

Given the low price, I would proceed with caution. It could be a good deal, but you are purchasing a damaged vehicle from an untrustworthy source and that will require a fair amount of diligence on your part to ensure you aren't burned.
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There are some other threads about this car. It's been listed on ebay many times. A former owner of that car is here on prime as well. It has had some body work done to it if I recall. Thread is in the prospective owners area.