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What Do You Think?

I'm impressed that these guys are so knowledgeable about the NSX, unlike many others who just put down out of ignorance.

The lexus guys are OK.
In my (somewhat limited) experience, the ones who dis the NSX the most have never driven one. Once someone actually drives the car, they're converted.

-Bob ('94 #496)
I was refering to the car not the Lexus guys....am I a little behind and have you guys already seen this picture?
I let friends try out my car at track events (mostly BMW and Porsche Club driver-ed) and they are really impressed with:
- the view FROM the cockpit (like a go-kart)
- the stiffness of the chassis
- the grunt in second gear, and VTEC sounds
- the feel of the controls, particularly steering and shift lever
- the brakes (I have a BBK)
- on-track, how the car "does what you tell it to do - right away". not necessarily true of some German cars

The German cars tend to have great brakes, and superior luggage/storage space. And if you keep the revs in hand, deceptively quick.

Manuel C
93 NSX S/B #394
93 300CE
93 NH750