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what drew you to the NSX?

what is your #1 most important reason you bought an NSX

  • Styling

    Votes: 89 68.5%
  • Performance

    Votes: 4 3.1%
  • Reliability

    Votes: 8 6.2%
  • Cost of ownership (low depreciation, maintenance, for a sports car like it)

    Votes: 8 6.2%
  • The way it drives

    Votes: 21 16.2%

  • Total voters
8 March 2006
You can only vote for one choice. I know there are many factors, but I want the overwhelming factor of what drew you to the NSX. Don't give me the "lots of factors". I understand that. What would be a deal breaker if it was not as good. And please... BE HONEST. No one will know how you vote.
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Styling is what caught my attention first. If the styling wasn't there, I would never know about the way it drives.:smile:
Another excellent Turbo poll!
if nsx doesn't have the exotic style(mid engine, exotic exterior), why do we choose it. EVO and M3 can perform the same and cost cheaper.
think of this.
Ferrari VS Porsche.

Of course, Ferrari will beat porshce in looking. but porsche 's performance will have serious competition. but people still paying more on ferrari.
Very difficult question to answer as it was the NSX's unique combination of all of the ones you listed. If I were FORCED to pick one, it would be styling.
Dave.... i bought my NSX thinking about it's history, it's meaning, what it represents as a car... but i'll vote and choose the option that i think is more relevant IMHO.
I saw my 1st one back in 91 and was completely overwhelmed at it. I knew nothing about it but decided that in 16 years I would own a 91, LOL. Style is my answer of course.:wink:
Who said performance?:tongue:

I voted reliability but it was really more of a combination of things including the styling and cost of ownership. But what made the decision for me over the other cars i was considering was that it is a Honda and i knew i could count on it to start when i needed it to and run the way it should even when it hasnt been driven in awhile. Plus i knew i could work on it myself and not break the bank on parts.
Honestly, I almost voted for the cost of ownership myself. I hate throwing money away... But then... if it didn't have the style, not sure I would own it. 72% so far for "style"... wow... we are all so vain... worse than chix... :biggrin:

Only one vote for performance!!! yikes!!!
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Honda beat Ferrari on the F1 track 6 years straight by creating the most powerful F1 engine during the era.