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What flexible-primer to use for painting rubber/plastic bits?


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12 August 2003
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I need some input as to what type/brand of flexible-primer to use for painting hard-rubber/plastic-resin parts (ie. bumpers, valance-lips, rear-valance side-spats, side-skirts/rocker-panels, moldings/trim, etc')?

Also, any other additive(s) recommended for the actual paint or clear-coat when painting on such types of materials?

(looking for exact names of products)

Thanks, in-advance! :cool:
Look into SEM brand paints. I always used them for interior plastics and cloth/pleather. With propper preperation the stuff works awesome and lasts. Make sure to get adhession promoter too.

Thanks for the insights, guys... really appreciative!

Now I'm wondering what the best procedure is...(?)

adhesion-promoter -> flexible-primer -> SEM OEM base-coat -> clear-coat

first off you dont need a flexable primer...MAYBE for the lower front lip, if your painting that.....just use a good primer, typically the same brand as the paint your using....I like to use a high build 2K primer and block the hell out of it.

Bulldog is a great adheshion promoter, if your actually painting plastic. if your painting paint that is already on plastic....skip the bulldog

clean the surface with prep-sol
fix any imperfections with bondo or duraglass, etc etc.
sand it smooth, etc etc

wipe down with prep-sol again
squirt your primer
sand the primer
wipe down with prep-sol again....

spray your base-coat
spray your clear coat

sand your clearcoat
buff to a perfect finish
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