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What's the Best Racing School?

4 March 2000
Santa Clara, CA USA
Been trying to figure out which open wheel racing school (preferably 3 day) to take. We're in Northern CA so the two that i've heard about are Skip Barber and Jim Russell. Anyone out there have a preference? Any thoughts on Sears Point vs Laguna Seca? Thanks in advance.

I attended the Skip Barber at Laguna Seca and I still can't stop talking about it. First of all, Laguna Seca. I mean, come on. Secondly, at my first track event, after I got a feel for the track and the NSX at speed I started kicking everyone's butt. Even my instructor's. They all wanted to know what experience I had. Outside of Skip Barber, my experience is ZERO. I vote for Skip. Have fun