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what's wrong??

22 February 2000
vancouver canada
last night when I drove my NSX and I found there was something wrong...
when I shifted from 2nd to 1st or 3rd to 2nd gear, the rpm went up(which is normal),but it didn't go down and remain on high rpm!
which scared me alot..
any help??
Hard to tell what is going on from your description here...

If I understand the problem, you downshifted and the RPMs jumped up, like they should, and they stayed up...

If we are to assume that you did not have your foot on the gas, then I would think that your car was not producing enough enginer drag in that gear at that speed to slow the car down much and to drop the RPMs.

If you can be more clear it might help.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51
[email protected]