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TCS button bulb size

9 June 2009
under a bridge
Good day everyone,
It seems as thought the 2 bulbs on the tcs button of my 93 nsx has burned out. I’ve try searching the web for the correct size but unable to find it.
Does anyone know what is the correct size? I’ve did a continuity test on the 2 bulbs and it’s definitely dead. Does anyone know if one can purchase the bulbs separately? The bulbs have the green silicone cover over it also.

Thank you much
T3 LED . Get them the same color as the gel cover. They are polarized, so you have half a chance of installing them improperly, make sure the + and - line up.

While you are at it, consider replacing a more of the incandescent warning lamps to LED. They emit less heat and take less energy... the general illumination lamps in LED don't diffuse as well.

My buddies at AliExpress have them.