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wheel/tire dilema

4 November 2001
Liverpool, UK
I have a 1993 NSX with the 15/16 standard wheels. The tires on the car are not OEM and now need replacing. I am wondering which is the best option to go for:

1. Put on the OEM tire (Yokohama A022)
2. Go for a bigger size alloy 17/18 but then I dont know which is the best tire as this is a non OEM wheel size.

Although much is said about how good the Yokohama tire is, Honda must have felt that it could improve the handling by opting for the bigger 16/17 wheels on the 1994 car. Surely a 245 rear tire must be better than a 225 even if the smaller one is the legendary A022!

Any ideas on this one?
Surely a 245 rear tire must be better than a 225 even if the smaller one is the legendary A022!

I don't know the answer to your 17/18's dilema, but as for 16/17's, the A022 is one of the tires Honda runs on the 94+ years. So, yes 245's in the same rubber as 225's would grip better.

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The difference in grip between 15"/16" and 16"/17" (and 17"/18") is minimal.

If you care about looks, then get a set of bigger wheels whose looks you like better.

If you're only interested in performance, then get a set of A022H tires for your current wheels. Try them out and see how you like them. You'll probably be completely satisfied.

Remember, try the less expensive upgrades first (in this case, the tires but not the wheels) - it's less expensive (less risky) and you might find out that's all you need. If you decide later on that you want bigger wheels for looks, you can always upgrade the wheels later.
just put 18/17's on my '92,this size combo rides like a lumber wagon and real jerky on the hiway.if had to do it over i'd go with the 17/16 combo to split the differance.
Since the new NSX is coming out with 17 inches all around, 215/40ZR17 Front and 255/40ZR17 rear, maybe that size configuration could be an option for you too.
Originally posted by DONTASK:
I just put 18/19 set up on my nsx and I was leary about the weight and performamce of big wheels but I am glad I did. Its awesome!

Wait, didn't you JUST buy your NSX? If you had it for a while, then put wheels and tires on it, you would have something to compare it to. It may look awesome, but going from stock 16/17 and then taking 2 inches of tires away, the performance and ride quality has to suffer. Boulevard pimpin' is cool though.
Hmm. Another serious question.
Maybe from someone who knows well regarding handling characteristics due
to different size wheels.

I upgraded from 16/17 OEs last summer to 17x7.5 front 18x9 rear TE-37
wheels. I probably should have done more research and gotten slightly
wider offset fronts 17x8 and 17x9.5 in the rear so I have more tire options.

I'm really interested which combination,16/17 combo or 17/17 combo or 17/18 combo
really handles the best.. assuming they were all using the same tire.

I am currently using Kuhmo 712 fronts: 215/40 rears: 265/35. I've used
them on the track 3 times now, and they wear pretty evenly and last
pretty well. I'll probably get S-02/03 next time if I can afford it.
Here's the way I look at it (but I'm not track expert):

15/16's Positives: handle great in the corners, allows great track feedback. Great tires sizes available in street and R compound. Negatives: limits you from large brake kits, limits width of front tires, doen't give the great braking taction that the wider fronts give. Look 'old school'.

16/17's Positives: stock 95+ wheels look great, stock compound available, which is a great street compound. Negatives: severe limitation in tire sizes, especially R compound (either front or rear will be way off), limited front width of tires.

17/17's Positives: fit big brake kits, allows wide front tires to be used, almost all performance and R compound have this size, or around this size: 235/40zr17 & 275/40zr17 like my favorite street R compound tire, Yoko A032R, saves money on 18" rears Negatives: some people think the rear looks too small, I disagree, I think it looks fine if the rear spokes differ in some way (ie. the new 2002 wheels in 17/17 configuration curve in on the back, looks nice)

17/18 Positives: keeps factory upsizing of increased rear wheel size, good tire selection, looks most balanced IMO. Negatives: larger wheels you get, the heavier they become. Rears tires are expensive.

18/19: Positives: if that's your look, they look great. Negatives: Easier to damage wheels with lower sidewall, IMO, the handling suffers with such low a sidewal (yes I've driven a car with 18/19s) though some disagree, hard to judge car at the limit, not good for track IMO, wheels are heavy, expensive, and require expensive tires.

-- Chris

Sounds good
- 16/17 wheels are OEM on 1994+ cars
- I use 17/18 for street, and 17/17 for track

I hope that the NEW NSX sizes prompt other manufacturers to make max-performance tires in 215-40-17 fronts (Yoko -- how about an AVS Sport)
I remember SCC testing 16", 17" and 18" wheels on Lancer EVO VI with same tires. I think 16" and 17" turned in similar track times while 18" was a little slower. I think Rhys Millen who tested it said 16" felt a little softer when cornering. Not exactly the same in NSX probably but gives you the idea.