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Wheels - 16/17

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
Looking to upgrade my stock wheels. I have a 92 and would like to upgrade to the 16/17 size. Finding lots of 17 x 7, but not many 17 x 8.5. Did you guys go with 17 x 9? or did most of you go up to 17/18 combo? Any ideas or opinions welcome.

92 Red/Blk
I like the 16/17 combo because there are at least a few more tire choices that retain a proper balance in width (for purposes of balanced handling, as opposed to diameter for the TCS) without resulting in a larger overall diameter ( = taller gearing), which also adds unsprung weight.

Either way, consider Volk TE-37 (Dali has the best price I’ve found ). They probably are the lightest you will find for a given size, and by a large margin compared to all but a very few.

If you decide to use 16x8 and 17x9, look at the SSR Integral (Tire Rack has them). They are not as light as the TE-37, but still among the lightest available and very strong.

I'd like to hear what you decide and how you like them.

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I ordered 16x7 and 17x8.5 Volk TE37's from Mark Johnson at Dali Racing for my 98 Coupe. I felt the best way to minimize weight was to stay with the stock sizes.

In addition, I ordered a set of 16x8 TE37's on which I am going to mount Drag Radials.

Some may feel that other wheels are nicer looking, but none are lighter and none are more respected as purpose built wheels for racing.
I just mounted a set of SSR Integral's on my recently purchased '91 NSX in the 16/17 configuration with Michelin Pilot Sports.

I got them from TireRack, the cost was approx. $2200 delivered if I remember correctly, they are lightweight, and they look much better than the OEM wheels.
Have checked around and seems
245/45-17 will work, % diff same as stock

245/40-17 will work, same height as stock

any one have these sizes?

92 Red/Blk

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On the SSR Integral wheels I just bought from Tirerack (16x7 front and 17x9 rear), they recommended 215/45-16's for the front and 245/40-17's for the rear. I believe that is the OEM size tires for '94 and up NSX's, by the way.

Michelin Pilot Sports come in those sizes, and are very nice tires.
mike o is your car red and if so can you post some pics. I have a red 92 and want to put these wheels on my car. would like to see what they look like on another red one first.

Yes, my car is red. Unfortunately, I don't own a digital camera yet.

I did take some pictures of my car last week and have a few extras, which I'd be more than happy to regular mail to you tomorrow.

E-mail me at [email protected] with your mailing address, and I'll send you out a few pictures.

Ok, i need to double check but i think the wheels come in 16x7.5 front and 17x7.5 for the rears

Do you think this size will work? What size tires will not mess up the TCS/ABS?

92 Red/Blk
I have 16x7 and 17x9s on my NSX. The tires are 225/40/16 and 265/40/17. Works fine.

BTW, I went with 16/17 because 17" rear tires are alot cheaper than 18's! I paid $175 for my Toyo T1 Proxes rear. Compared to close to $300 for 18's. I forgot how much the 16s were since I havent had to replace the fronts yet.

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is there a way/site that can tell you the size tires that will fit on a certain size rim?

92 Red/Blk
Yes, my car is red. Unfortunately, I don't own a digital camera yet.

Most of the chain photo processing places offer a low-cost option to have the photos placed on a CD-ROM for you.