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Where are all the Production deliveries ??

19 February 2016
What is going on with that Ohio factory?
Other than the first unit, much hyped, I have seen no other confirmation of production units being delivered to dealers or customers.
Am I missing something?
My car, which is #2 for my dealer is supposed to be built in August - do not have any faith that is going to happen.
Has anyone seen a production car, anywhere?
Highly unlikely that a SECOND car for any dealer would be built in August. Poke around here for the "NSX Launch Playbook Issue 3" for details. There is a slide in there that explains the schedule which is:

All dealers authorized to sell NSX's will get ONE car before anyone gets a second car (initial cars are called "coverage cars").

Coverage cars are divided into three waves: cars ordered in March, April and May. The only promise is that the "March" wave of coverage cars will be delivered no later than August. Although they say they hope to beat their guidance, there has been ZERO information on cars after the Wave 1 cars. The next official information should be the release of a THREE MONTH window for delivery of the second wave of cars. The Wave 1 window is June-August. The Wave 2 window will likely overlap with Wave 1. Perhaps August-October. Hopefully Wave 3 will be something like Sept through November.

If your dealer is #1 in the nation (first to get first car and first to get second car-- you car). I would guesstimate a deliver to you in the November range. If your dealer is more middle of the pack or lower, you might be looking at early 2018.

These are all guesses. Information/guidance has been scarce.
Word I heard I that the 60 day paint cure issue is impacting deliveries.
I was at an Exotic car show here in Toronto with a NSX on display. The Acura rep there said the same, that factory is currently figuring out paint cure period before releasing delivery.
I have info that the paint cure is not the issue

being cryptic again, think about the fact that Mr Hendrick does not have his car yet
I have info that the paint cure is not the issue

being cryptic again, think about the fact that Mr Hendrick does not have his car yet

So you know why , but are sworn to secrecy?
My ability to keep getting info is predicated on not filling the Internet with some sensitive stuff

think about Acura's stated goal that these cars arrive to customers "perfect"
...but the paint cure is a known issue...is the deficiency from perfect cosmetic ,computer related or mechanical?
I am not getting a granular answer on what is keeping them from building cars, maybe I will have something next week

the paint story board is simple; limited things to wash with, don't wax or put a clear bra on for 60 days from the build date, this is not hindering delivery

my guess would be the physical/visual specifications were set too high and they haven't been able to achieve the targets
makes sense....
So the paint finish from the extra 60 days of sitting in the warehouse/factory is going to be noticeable? I hope so. Sounds like one of those special, eccentric details associated with super exotica for sure.
In spring 2015, we thought that realistically the production and deliveries would be in fall 2015. I won't even go further back.
There is no requirement to let the car sit in the warehouse for 60 days

They have other problems (two will be cryptically described below)

1) Focus on what it takes to get a car from the factory to the customer
2) There is some quality issue(s) keeping them from building cars at a normal rate
Better to get it right and be late, than to rush it like they did with the RLX, whose launch was botched from A to Z. You see the result in the nonexistent RLX sales.
The RLX fails because it is an FWD fake luxury car

you can get away with that for the TLX price point like the Lexus ES de

Acura has been stubborn about thinking they can succeed with only FD based sedans to the point of squandering opportunity
It's been postponed for years. This is just the latest. A few more months is nothing in how long the wait has been.
True, but companies are judged on how they execute against what they publicly say

in this case Acura said they would start production in the Spring

they made a big deal of 001 coming off the line and the owner still has no car a month later

the so called production ramp up is non existent to date

if you were running this program, think of what you would say to your boss at your next annual review
I'm just back from 10 days vacation in California
i was taken to Honda America's private museum where there were 2 original NSX's
i had hoped that in the Torrance facility there would be a new NSX (it's after all Acura's design studio)
alas not a car in sight

they have had 2 pre pro's in the reception area but nothing now

they were staggered we have to wait till at least October this year in the UK to get our 1st 8 cars

whether this is because they know it's too soon or, amazed we have paid £5000 deposits back from 2012

or, is the factory only building export cars at the moment

theory after theory abounds

in the UK we have just been sent our brochures (complete with miss information and no Right hand drive photos)

what are the USA brochures like (I wasn't able to obtain one)
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if you were running this program, think of what you would say to your boss at your next annual review

Having managed manufacturing plants during my working years, I can assure you the NSX factory manager is giving daily feedback to his boss.
No annual reviews for those involved in building and starting up a new factory until the plant reaches proforma.
There's a high failure rate during new plant start-ups. Many managers get ground up in the process.
Enormous pressure that's hard to explain if you've not been through it.
Would expect the factory management team is on 16-20 hour days 7 days a week right now.
Acura built something like 160 prototypes.

That was plenty of experience to build these cars.

They should have gotten things sorted out prior to opening their mouths about what would be coming out of the factory.

I used to develop and manufacture small scale Biotech products and hated to finalize specs. At some point you gotta say ok, we are turning the switch and are producing for our customers.

These fools haven't figured out how to get a finished car to a dealership.

Lexus only did about 20 that LFAs that we know of prior to production and once they said what their build rate was, they delivered.
I'm thinking there must be some supply chain problems because as you said they've been making protos for some time now.
When a factory isn't producing to plan there's not much you can say publicly that will make anything better.
Just have to solve the problems and get on with it.
Honda knows how to manufacture cars and they've got lots of resources to draw on so suspect there is something complex to deal with