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Where is a good/fair priced place to repair rims?

22 June 2000
Anyone know of a good place that is not so expensive to repair chrome rims around the Orange County or Los Angeles area? I looked at Wheels America in Stanton, but they charge like $200 somethin per wheel for chrome.
Well, unfortunately, it's in San Diego (actually Santee), but I went to EDDCO. They repaired an 18 inch Blitz Type 03 that had hit a pot hole, and two more that had scraped up a sidewalk. These wheels had a polished lip, so it cost about 60 bucks per wheel to fix.

As for chrome rim repair, I guess it would be slightly more than the 125-150 (I think) to chrome plate a wheel. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hit 200 bucks.


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NSXFURY is correct. Eddco in Santee, CA has the very best reputation for wheel repair. Maybe give them a call. (I have not used them, but I have talked to them about chroming my OEM wheels, and if I do, Eddco will get the job. They use more coats/steps and have a better warrantee than any other wheel company by far, and they only wanted $125/wheel. I was referred to them by two other places, an Acura dealer and another wheel company that has Eddco do thier wheel repairs. Best luck.

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There are quite a few wheel repair places cited in the FAQ at http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/TireWheel/tirewheelrepair.htm

Unfortunately, none are in WA/OR.

There are also a bunch at http://dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Shopping_and_Services/Automotive/Repairs_and_Service/Restoration/Wheel_Refinishing/ and one, the Shine Shop, is located in OR. However, on their website, it appears that they specialize in polishing wheels, not in repairing them.

I would just send them to one of the outfits in CA if I were you. Good luck...