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Where is the Blower Relay on a '97?

4 April 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
Had the car in the tuner's shop last week and when I got it back, I didn't have any blower. So I pulled the fuse and it was still healthy. Did both auto diagnostic checks on the CCU and everything checks out correctly. The only thing that doesn't work is the blower. Now before anyone asks, I have pulled the blower apart and totally cleaned everything down to the brushes four months ago and it has worked perfectly so I doubt it's the blower motor.

I contacted BrianK about this and he said check the relay. I pop open the relay control box next to the fuse box and there is no relay there for the blower. In the relay box, the spot where the relay used to be in pre-'97 is not even wired for a relay. Does anyone know where Honda decided to hide this on a '97? Thanks for the help in advance.
It's in relay box B located beside the passenger headlight. Should be middle row toward the outside of the car. There is also a blower motor high relay, last row toward the rear and closer to the inside of the car. Some of the relays are identical so you may have one you can swap to see if it's the relay. Use one from something that isn't needed at the moment.

Had a quick moment to look at and wiggle all the relays in the "relay box B" but with out knowing which are the blower relays and what the other relays are/do, I don't think it wise to start switching them around.

Does anyone have a diagram of fuse box B and what relays are what? Thanks.
Yes sir, here you go.


OK, so I pulled the relays and tested them and they seemed fine on my voltmeter. I pulled another relay and it too was good so I put every relay back in and voila', I have a blower motor again. Oh the electrics on this vixen!