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White residue on the outside of throttle body?

7 November 2023
I am a new owner of a 96' NSX with 24k miles. I went to refresh the air filter today and noticed a lot of white residue on top of the exterior of throttle body. Posting pictures. Also, the inside of the throttle body doesn't have this residue. Does anyone have an idea of what this is? Is it a type of corrosion?IMG20231209132314.jpgIMG20231209132304.jpgIMG20231209133949.jpg
Not corrosion. It looks like residue from a fire extinguisher. Does it rub off with your finger (use a rubber glove)?
I agree it looks like maybe the previous owner also owned a pizzeria.... :p
it did wipe off really easy so it wasnt corrosion. I have no idea what it was or how it got there and in only that one location. I will keep my eye out to see if anything like it comes back.