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Who make this bodykit?

Well I think it's custom made then, but when i see the picture again the body kit for the front and the side skirt similar as the PHASE body kit.
It is definetely not Erebuni's kit. I've seen the car in person it looks like it custom made. The bumper and spoiler is one piece for the front. The side I did not really pay attention to. Hopefully the person who owns it can tell us. The car was in a few of import car show and NSXPO 1999 in Laguna Seca.

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The red car is owned by Chris Escanlar and was featured in the November '99 issue of Turbo & High -Tech Performance magazine. He had Civic Center Autobody in National City, CA.,custom design the body kit.
hey hey,
Since it is custom made, the most similar NON-custom made kit to this imo is the Gruppe M kit. It's very similar, but it's not as flared, and the spoiler is totally different.