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Who Says Nerds Have to be Smart?

Never under-estimate the brilliance and power of nerds. It's just that we're on a higher level of intelligence.

Wait... did i say 'we'... i meant 'they'!!! :D :D :D :D
Seven weeks before its release, "Star Wars" fanatics started lining up outside Grauman's Chinese Theater for the sixth installment of the popular George Lucas movie series. The vigil began Saturday.
Wow. Are these people unemployed or what? They must have lots of free time. I wouldn't even wait more than an hour for a movie, better yet I'll wait for it to be released on DVD and watch it at home. These people are freaking nuts! :eek:
They are camping out for over 2 months to see a freaking movie?? Not only that, but they are spending 2 months in the WRONG PLACE, and they are still there. Those people are idiots... :eek: :confused: