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Who's got custom closet/ home offices?

23 September 2005
We're putting in offers on a new house, one we can live and grow in for the long haul, and we would want to put in a custom office for the two of us and do up the walk-in decent, but not crazy.

Anyone have this done? Right now we have only browsed online at the likes of Classy Closets and Cali Closets.

Anyone care to share ballpark figures on stuff like this? We are trying to put together a budget for all the upgrades we want and don't have the house yet to have a real estimate.

If you care to share pics, that would be great too...

I've been looking at customizing my closet with built in shelves/drawers/racks. For a small one, expect 10-15K. :eek:

As far as a custom office with built in shelves and desks....the sky is the limit there. I'd imagine you could spend 25 grand easily on an office with just the builtins.
...do up the walk-in decent, but not crazy....

If you are handy, you can do closets as a DIY project. Its not that hard to do; I've helped my friends install a few over the years (they knew what they were doing, I assisted).

For very basic DIY you are looking at about $2K in materials (which includes a few drawers in addition to hanging rods). For DIY like you see in custom closet advertising (nicer wood look, more drawers, etc) , you are looking at about $5K in materials.

For professionally installed, you will be at $5K on the low end and likely at $10K+ for the one you could DIY for $5K.

If you get it installed professionally, get several quotes and negotiate. Most shops will negotiate on the price or at the very least throw in a few things for free.
Thanks, that's good intel. Not sure if I wnat to devote the time to do it myself. Been looking around locally and will probably have a few estimates done.

Couple I know just had their walk-in done. The first quote was $7K. When they didn't bite they dropped it to $5K and when she told the contractor she could not see spending $5K on her closet, then ended up paying $2,500 for the complete job. I saw it and it came out very nice. So in these difficult financial times, the word is negotiate.
So in these difficult financial times, the word is negotiate.

That's the best advice when it comes to closet set ups. When times were good, guys were charging 2x-3x more for labor than it really took to get the job done. People paid it b/c the home equity money was flowing back then.

Negotiate and you'll come out way ahead. It takes less than 10 hrs to put in most closets and even if they charge you $1,000 labor, they are making $100+/hr in labor alone.
Ive got 3 closets done from 2 different companies, one local, and one California Closets. I must say I like the CC a bit more.