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Why was my thread deleted in the local section

28 May 2008
I posted a thread in the DC area letting those I know locally I'm planning to part out some aftermarket parts from my NSX. I don't understand why this was deleted. I just listed out what I had and asked people to contact me directly so they could come over to the house or whatever if they're interested.

My intent was to deal with those I know locally first and anything that remains, I would create actual For Sale threads with all of the necessary information on what remains. It just doesn't make sense to me why the thread was deleted when I'm purposely trying to only deal with the locals I know.


Hmm, never noticed that before. Kinda sucks if you ask me, sometimes people prefer to list the LARGE and HEAVY items locally just for those they know in the area in order to avoid extreme shipping costs and/or freight. I'm surprised this isn't allowed.

I guess I will just tailor out my For Sale ad accordingly and list the price differences on the large items for those local vs. those wanting it shipped. :)
It keeps the regional forums from becoming a local FS section and keeps out the non nsx non related vendors.Its all about the slippery slope ect,ect.