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will an engine knock occur when engine is not under load?

4 May 2000
Edmond, Oklahoma, US
I have a knock being created somewhere in the engine bay of my car which happens only when the engine is under load. It's related to the engine because it knocks around 1000-3000rpms in the same pattern no matter what gear I'm in. It's not a series of knocks like I would expect to hear from valves (which is why I don't think my valves would need adjusting) but one knock which becomes more rapid as REVS increase (not as speed increases). My clutch is definately going out, I'm hoping the sound is related to that and not the engine. It's a 94 w/ about 25,000 miles on the engine.

Please Help
Does the knock sound metallic or like engine pinging from pre-ignition? If it's a ping sound one possibility could be the fuel. When I lived in Colorado I had a similar experience with another car. It turned out that I had picked up some fuel with water in it.