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Will Somebody please build a decent airbox!!

16 April 2005
Someone step to the plate and build the factory airbox equilivent in a highly polished alloy. I am going for that oldschool polished look instead of the overplayed Carbon/Kevlar scene. So, that rules out the comptech, etc. Now, the ARC unit is a beautiful piece, however, flawed by design (Unit allows hot air from engine to enter bottom of box). Someone just needs to use the factory airbox and build a quality replacment box in a highly polished alloy designed to work with the UNI filter and use all factory mounting positions. I have $400 waiting to go to the first person/shop who builds that perfect airbox.

I saw some guy with a chrome plated oem air box. It looks nice from a distance but once you get close enough, the word 'eeewwww' came to mind. Maybe it was a bad plating job or something, I don't know.

92NSX said:
Just a suggestion here. Why don't you get someone to plate your OEM box?

Thanks for the suggestion, but anything chrome IMO looks tacky. To me, a billet piece, SS, or plain polished aluminum looks much better than plastic or metal plated. Anyway, thanks for the reply.