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Will VViS still work with an standalone EMS?

I couldn't tell you as I deleted my VVIS when I went FI. I still have the VVIS and am thinking of gutting it and making it an intercooler like what Dave Dozier built.
From memory, isn't it vacuum operated? Tuning system should have no effect. I remove vvis from all FI I do.
It still works. It is vacuum operated. Though for fi there is 000000 need for it. One, it restricts air, 2 boost plus screws falling in engine equals fail, and lastly, by removing it you have a smaller chamber to fill. For na, good. Fi, bad.
you silly geese :)

I'm using the VVIS vacuum control sequence for something else. Yes, I agree there's no use for the VVIS intake plate in FI applications.

It's vacuum operated but electronically controlled. It opens at 4800rpm and above regardless of partial throttle (high vacuum) or WOT (0 vacuum or +boost) as opposed to if it was connected to "pure" intake driven vacuum then it would progressively open dependant on engine load.

I believe the EMS has a provision to control the VVIS actuator which may solve my problem.
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Hey Regan,

My VVIS control is set up in the Series 2 EMS as a general purpose output that actuates at 4500 RPM. This is regardless of load, vehicle speed, and throttle position. All of these are configurable though, so it will work for your application.

This output control stuff is pretty neat. I'm just scratching the surface of all the EMS is capable of.

Hey Dave! I'm slowly pushing myself over the edge towards a AEM EMS S2. It just got too many cool little features like this.

So i'm using the OEM VVIS vacuum switching solenoid to operate my exhaust bypass valve (exhaust is finally done btw!). So far, that piece of it is working great using the OEM ECU to open the bypass valve at 4800rpm. This is my "street" mode. I need to rig up some trick Hobbs switching setup for a "track" mode where the bypass valve is open via straight intake vacuum (ignoring the rpm constraint).

My next project is to figure out where I can find another unused vacuum switching device like the VVIS system. I need this to control the vacuum bypass actuator in the CTSC itself. This way I can bleed boost like a boost controller but on a CTSC not unlike a turbo setup. The plan is to have a "track" mode with a corresponding tune but at high boost and a "street" mode with a corresponding tune in low boost and quiet exhaust mode.

Any ideas perhaps?
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The AEM Series 2 EMS we offer for both early and later model NSX controls the valve that actuates the VVIS system. It is programmable for the engine speed and load that your engine operates best. It can be set for the factory engagement window or at lower engine speeds if it gives a benefit to your engine setup. You can find both EMS on our website under engine tuning.

-- Chris