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Wind noise on 2019

26 September 2019
I have read several threads about wind noise from the mirrors around 60 mph. Has that been fixed on the 2019 models? It seems most I have read were on the 2017 models but that would annoy the crap out of me? Wanted to have a list of things to ck before I arrive at dealership for test drive to ck prior to signing papers!
I have a 2019 and can confirm that I don't have any wind noise coming from the mirrors at 60mph. However, at about 95mph+, I am getting some wind noise from somewhere. I haven't pin-pointed it yet since I'm not usually sustaining 95mph+ speeds for long on the freeways.
I have a 2017 and no wind noise. There are some Bulletins out about various squeaks coming from the door and dash area. Typically, the noise is dealt with by adding/replacing the felt tape on parts. If there is wind noise perhaps the window height when closed would need adjustment. I really don't think it is a issue that cannot be remedied. So don't worry about it. Just find the color and option list you really want and go for it!