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Window adjustment: Good DIY?

11 February 2000
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
Both my windows are in need of adjustment (high speed air and water leaks) and there is not a local dealer that I trust with my car. I will have Don Lam do ANYTHING on the engine/trans./suspension, but I'm not sure that he's the guy for the interior.

I've gone through the manual and read the adjustment procedure. It looks pretty difficult to me.

Anyone ever done it? What's your opinion of it as a DIY?

When we were doing the window track regreasing last weekend and had the door panels off, Vytas was pointing out where the window adjustment screws were and kinda mentioned that we may not want to mess with them.
The service manual has a couple of pages devoted to it, and if I had the patience, I might attempt it.

I do recall Mark Basch mentioning somewhere (correct me if I'm wrong on this one) that one of the main things he sees is misadjusted windows.

Ken, I've been in to do mine when I greased the tracks. It's in the maintenance manual and is not terribly complicated, but it does require a LOT of patience and the margin for error is wide. Unless you have a lot of wind noise, you might want to really think about it.

Mine are still noisy, and I still have a little leak at the front corners, but not terrible.

Don in Heidelberg
Thanks for all of your input. Larry Bastanza also contacted me about the process. I just may give it a try.

If I get it right maybe I'll write up a DIY.
I just adjusted my window. There is 4 adjustment points. luckily I only have to deal with the rear 2 adjustment.

you need to have a sense of geometry to do it. Top and bottom adjustment need to be close enough to not cause much friction. also you have to adjust both top and bottom to get a good angle so you get a good seal and yet let the window will still slide smoothly.

The art is after you adjust it close the door the window goes up and slightly smash the rubber seal without the window catching it and roll it up..
download the service manual from Faq reference. it is in the body section.

It may be hard to do a write up because it isn't just one way of fixing it. you have to adjust window angle. Also like I wrote before, the top and bottom adjustment cannot get too far off from each other or the window will have too much friction and shake as it goes up. You can grease all you want but if adjustment is too off it will still make window go up slow.