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window motors serviceable

7 November 2009
Traverse City, MI
I am restoring a flood damaged 99 T, the window regulators are in fine shape, but the motors are not functional. Can they be replaced without replacing the entire regulator assembly? I would think they are standard motors from any acura/honda car. Does anyone have experience with this? or advice?
thank you
Good luck with that. I opened my window motor and was never able to get it back together. I could not reseat the housing. It was shot anyway (contacts ground to nubs), so no big loss. But it was terribly frustrating. I don't think you can buy it apart from the regulator.
I'm looking for a broke one to see if I can retrofit a bigger better motor if someone wants to donate one I will pay for shipping

Looks like versions of the Legend regulator motor is the same as the NSX.

Presumably, 3 of the 4 doors of the Legend don't get much use.
While you are trolling the salvage yards, see if you can get the keyless entry module and keyless entry wiring harness from one of those Legends. Then maybe we can find out once and for all if the Legend Keyless Entry System will work on an NSX...