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Winter Storage Tips

2 October 2003
NOTL, Ontario. Canada
Once again Winter is just around the coner, therefore Im posting my NSX Winter Storage Tips.

Here is a list of things that the NSX Owners should do before putting their NSX into storage for the winter.
- Clean and wash the car, and if possible, complete with a good Waxing before storage
- Apply a good quality leather conditioner on the seat and door leather surfaces
- Change the Oil and Filter, also include any maintenance items (Transmission, Brake and Clutch fluids replacements)
- Fill the Tank with good Quality Gas and pour in some fuel stabilizer into the Gas Tank. (Alternatively, the tank can be drained by using the drain plug at the base of the tank)
- Increase the pressure on the tires – 42 PSI Rear 36 PSI Front or (can be pumped as high as 50Psi on all wheels)
- Use dense foam or old carpet pieces 8”x 8”square to be placed under the tires during storage – this will prevent flat spots
- Place Bounce Dryer sheet in the Bonnet/Trunk/Engine areas to fend off any rodents
- Cover both the Dash and Seats with Old Blankets, this will keep the leather from drying out and to prevent the dash from cracking
- Install and connect a Battery Tender system in the car – By doing this you can keep the Alarm activated during Winter Storage
- Install Car cover
- I placed Winter tire Plastic bags over the four Wheels, to prevent moister /water/ salt from getting onto the brake disks
- Do not set the Hand or Emergency Brake – You will need to placed wheels chucks around the tires
- Place interior vents to recirculation position
Or ... Get a battery "trickle charger & use it ...every sunday morning at 6:30 am on a dry clear snow free day .. Start the car watch your baby warm up for 10 minutes ... Then drive it
slowly.. DonÈt go crazy ..keep to the back streets... Drive for 15 min.. You have your weekly nsx fix and your car will be fine.... Yes i live in toronto ... No snow here.... Good luck .. See you all in the spring
unless you come to my house on a sunday morning at 6:30...lol
I have a few more:

- pump the brake to release all the vacuum in the brake booster
- open the gas cap to release all the pressure in the tank
- quickly tap the window button downward to release the tension on the wind-up mechanism
- rotate each tire 90 degrees every month in storage to prevent "flat" spots on the tires