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Workbench question for all you guys with cool garages

22 November 2001
I'm trying to decide between a Craftsman 5ft workbench for $220 and a Husky 4.5ft workbench for $120 from Home Depot. I only have a 3 car garage and don't want to go bigger. The Craftsman workbench seems to be made better and has a bit nicer top, but the Husky workbench has two ball bearing drawers and a back wall included. The backwall is an extra $100 for the Craftsman workbench. Does anyone have any thoughts to help me make my decision? Is the Craftsman workbench worth that much more or is it overpriced?

This is my work bench. Bigger than you mentioned, but strong as can be and cheap. Probably $100 or so in materials. The shelf and top support are 2 x 12's, the work surface is 3/4" white melamine laminated particle board. The supports are cinder blocks. It is super strong, super rigid, and due to the laminate it cleans up nicely with 409. Mine is 34" deep and 8' long, but the same construction could be used for a smaller one.

I've never been impressed with purchased work benches. They always seem flimsy.
How about an industrial grade workbench?


Red Gloss
Electorstatic Oven Baked Powder Coat
Rolled Edges For Added Strength And Regidity
Full-Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
Tumbler Key-Lock Drawer Latching System
Durable 5/32" H.D. Rolled Edge Steel
Durable 3/32" H.D. Rolled Edge Steel

Industrial Grade 2-Drawer Work Bench (on left)
59" Long x 44" High x 25" Deep

$275 Delivered to your door.

Industrial Grade 2-Shelf Work Bench (on right)
79" Long x 44" High x 25" Deep

$272 Delivered to your door
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How about an industrial grade workbench?

What is the source of this? Where does it ship from? I would like to get something very soon to have in time for the supercharger install project.

caz-nsx, your garage looks awesome. Is the gladiator stuff sold at sears? I could swear I saw it there last night.
It can be purchased through Sears. There are smaller distributors that sell it also. They are listed on Gladiator's web site (http://www.gladiatorgw.com). I went through one of these companies and had it pre-assembled and delivered. The price matched Sears web prices. I liked the Gladiator stuff much better than the Craftsman version. It is a little more money, but worth it to me. I don't have the reciepts here, but if I remember correctly all the Gladiator product I ordered was a little over $4k.
like Dave said....you should probably build one....1/2 the price and twice as big....it shouldn't be too difficult...
I have the 8-foot Craftsman, along with the steel cabinets and stuff that Sears sells. I think it's a pretty sturdy bench, and the top of it is pretty thick. It's VERY heavy, just ask my back when I hauled it into the garage after I bought it.

I'll be posting some pics of my garage soon after I get my Racedeck flooring in this next week sometime. It's been my winter project, and I think it's going to be pretty cool when I'm done!