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Would love to rent an NSX for my wedding!

lol you probably should not have bumped this...now we will have to congratulate you all over again.....btw how is married life treating you:wink:
Seriously how do edit a post, lol? FWIW, 7 years ago we secured a yellow Ferrari F430 for the wedding. Not an NSX, but it worked :). I want to edit the original post to get my phone number and email offline, lol, but can't figure it out

Hi there,

Only thing I can think of is to send a PM to the Mods / NSX Prime & RSO 34.
Hope your marriage has been wonderful. Lake Dallas.... I'm on the other
side from you on the lake in Highland Village. Still working on getting an
NSX? We have quite a few here in N. TX. Good luck with the removal....