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Would you buy if air bag deployed previously?

23 April 2005
I am new to this forum and trying to get a handle on a possible purchase. Found a nice 1992 with very low mileage (less than 20K) locally. Seller up front and told me car involved in a "minor" front collision in parking lot (front bumper, headlights replaced - no frame damage). Air bag deployed. All shown on carfax report. If no frame damage, should I be concerned? Does having this on Carfax history cause big problems in future ? Thanks.
The airbag isn't activated at a real minor front collision (don't ask me how I know that, there's still a little magnum gray pearl mark at the tire wall of the last chicane in Magny-Cours) - you need a good amount of energy - so I would let the car be checked really close by an expert of your trust.
airbags dont generally go off from minor parking lot accidents... :rolleyes:
I recall something about airbags needing a 23 MPH impact to deploy - don't know if that is still the case though. That was on American model cars used in law enforcement.
if you are seriously interested in it, go get a full inspection done at a reputable NSX expert...
I agree with those recommending an inspection.

Given the history, you might be better off looking for someone with a lot of experience in body work on NSXs, rather than just NSX mechanical experience.

If you put your location (city) in your profile, that would enable us to recommend someone in your area. If you live anywhere near New York, username pbassjo on these forums is THE body shop expert when it comes to the NSX.
AU_NSX said:
There is a metal strip in the polystyrene impact absorbsion material inside the front bumper bar. To deploy the air bag the metal strip must be broken.

This requires a substancial impact such that the bumper bar is completely destroyed, and therefore you can assume that at the very least panel damage was also sustained with the possibility of chassis damage.

I'm not trying to be a wise guy but this description of the NSX SRS system is completely wrong. No such device as described above exists in the NSX bumper absorber.

The NSX has two dash sensors (right and left) and one in the main SRS control unit.
At least one dash sensor(accelerometer) and the sensor in the control unit must be simultaneously activated for .002 seconds for deployment to occur.

More info can be found about the SRS in the Service Manual which can be found on NSX Prime's Home page or click http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Reference/1991_svcman/1991_svcman.htm

Expand the "General Information" heading and click the "SRS" heading.

Have the car inspected by someone who is good at identifying improperly repaired or overlooked damage. The fact that it deployed could mean something or nothing as far as the existing integrity of the vehicle is concerned. Look and see carefully. :wink:
pbassjo said:
I'm not trying to be a wise guy but this description of the NSX SRS system is completely wrong. No such device as described above exists in the NSX bumper absorber.

Sorry if my post was misleading.

I am slightly embarrassed but in my defence, that is how the SRS Airbag system was explained to me by a respected Mercedes Benz authorised panel repairer who fixed the front on another NSX.

pbassjo, I would definitely take your advice over any regurgitated information I received from someone not as intimately knowledgeable of the NSX as yourself.

I will delete my original post
Gosh don't think nothing of it.
I got to admit you had me going for a minute. :smile:
These systems are constantly evolving.Some German cars, like the BMW you have to take the vehicle to the dealer to clear the code after deployment even if the system is correctly repaired and working properly. I guess they want their taste on the repair too. :rolleyes:
Some systems have charges sent from a igniter at the seat belts.
The one that I didn't like was that some Volvo's would pop out the sunroofs by the air displaced when deployed breaking the VERY expensive plastic track module. (add $1700+)