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Wrecked Need Opinions.

2 November 2001
Houston Tx
I was in a wreck last friday, Hit from behing and pushed under truck. The only damage was to the body panels (Hood, L/R Front Fenders, F/R Bumper covers and Right Rear Fender) The dammage was pretty minor but The insurance will replace all of the above panels which comes to about $12K in parts and labor.

Now the advice I need is,
A.) Should I put a body kit, turn it into a show car?
B.) Put it back to factory specs.
C.) Sell it as is to someone who wants to build a show car? (Make me an offer)

It's a '92 Red/Black w/ 38K miles
Very Very Clean


For sale at http://www.nsxsc.com/ubb/Forum6/HTML/000430.html

also fixed typo in estimate price....

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Or find someone who just put on a body kit and has some left over aluminum!

Tim Meekins
1997 Yellow NSX-T
Very interesting. I have A 92 as well and it has 38k on it. If this were to happen to me I would either take the check from the Ins. company and sell the car. This would give me the appropriate amount of funds to buy a never wrecked replacement. I also might consider adding in a little cash to buy a newer T model. But I most likely would take the check and repair the car myself as I have done lots of wrecked repairables in the past. Even if I choose this option I would not keep the car.
here are the pics...



This car is tentatively for sale... Once I order the parts I'm keeping it. so if someone is looking for a donor for a wide body kit, you wont find a better one.

This could be an opportunity to use the insurance claim and put on the 2002 front clip (New headlight, bumper, hood) and rear bumper(revised lower skirts) if you like the new 2002 look. I like OEM style and not into bodykits for the NSX, so its up to you.
Sorry to hear about your accident.

What wheels are on the car? They look pretty sharp!

'91 Black/Black

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That really doesn't look that bad at all. I would advise you to take the $12k which is definitely a pretty good payment on the claim. Take it and go widebody in the back with some sort of aftermarket front bumper and JGTC hood. You have so many options! There doesn't look like there should be any frame damage from the impact. I'd say look at it as an opportunity. Plus your car has very very low mileage. Keep it.
Hi Jonathan,

I was faced with the exact same situation in November. I had a '91 formula red with 40K miles and I had to replace the rear bumper and the exact same front panels you did. It wound up costing $21K for everything.

I decided to fix the car and keep it because I knew the car was still mechanically perfect and has a good clean history and maintenance, factors that I would have to worry about were I to go shopping for another NSX.

I also am not too concerned with diminished value, as I plan on keeping my car forever and I know that it got fixed right.

That being said, most likely, there will be some color matching issues with the bumper, as it's really hard to get it to match with the body panels under all lighting conditions. My replacement metal panels match PERFECTLY, however.

Anyway, my 2 cents, as I was faced with the exact same choice.

Good luck,
Thanks for the replys, I'm going to make my decision by the end of the week. There has been a lot of interest in purchasing the car as is. And I'd feel better with somone buying it knowing exactly what the dammage is then me trying to sell it and having to explain the dammage then.

The rims I have are Konig Monsoons. Not very expensive but look real good on the NSX. I always get comps on them.

I've been looking for websites that show good pictures of bodykits. Can someone point me in the right direction?