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WTB: Acura NSX ASAP *any condition*

14 March 2011
HEY everyone! I have decided to go another direction in an s2000, as there seem to be no junkyard NSX's around at a reasonable price. There are plenty of mint vehicles on here that I just can't afford! Thank-you for all your help and responses!



Very interested in purchasing an NSX in almost any condition, I am being realistic in what kind of price I can afford as of now: ~$20,000, however the quality of the car must match the price. I am located in Vancouver, BC, willing to import any vehicle, clear, salvaged, rebuilt. Even if it needs body work, as long as engine is in tact and running (good condition). SORRY, also looking for a MANUAL transmission.

Please let me know what you have! :smile: If you PM me, I will give my email address and phone number, would rather not post them online.

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