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  1. S

    WTB: 1991-199X NA1 Red Coupe MT + Manual Steering Rack

    *EDIT* I Found One! 1992 with 11k Miles, can't wait for it to arrive! Hello! I'm seeking a 1991-199X example that is ideally red (interior color is open). Manual transmission, no snap ring issues, manual steering rack. No history with FI engine modifications. I'm looking to replace my last...
  2. G

    WTB: NA1 aero (skirts, hood, trunk spoiler, front lip) / NA2 rear calipers

    Hi, as title states, am looking for NA1 aero components and NA2 rear calipers Side Skirts Front Lip Vented hood Trunk Spoiler (Carbon fiber) Not looking for any specific brands but must be in good condition and not require any major body work. Located in New York and willing to pickup...
  3. R

    WTB: Pop up headlight Manual NA2 (1995-2001), mid-range mileage, good budget

    Hey Folks I hope you guys are doing well. I have done some research over the past few months and now planning to get myself into the NSX market. I'm looking for a mid-range mileage (40k-70k) NSX NA2 in the continental USA. You can send email to [email protected] to contact me. Has To be...
  4. G

    WTB: Looking for a Well-Maintained NSX-T

    Hello, I’m looking for a very well-maintained NSX-T. The vehicle must be well documented. I am not looking for a project or a modified vehicle. I prefer black, gray or silver exterior colors, but I will consider other exterior colors. It must be a manual transmission. Feel free to message...
  5. Big McLargeHuge

    Exterior WTB: JDM/Acura Taillights

    Reposting since the old WTB thread was sent to the void. Looking for a set of L & R taillights (maybe center lens too), prefer JDM darker lenses, and used if possible for an LED conversion. Prefer no noticeable cracks in lens or badly warped ones. Show me what you got TIA
  6. Big McLargeHuge

    Exterior WTB: Modulo Replica Spoiler

    Looking to buy a Modulo replica spoiler made by PRIDE or elsewhere, carbon or not, aesthetic condition not a big deal but would like the 3rd brake light included. Located in Atlanta, GA, will pay for proper shipping if needed. Thanks!
  7. Big McLargeHuge

    WTB: Upper & Lower Expansion Tank Hoses

    Hey all, I'm looking for qty(1) each of the upper and lower hoses to the coolant expansion tank, should be shared with all years of NSX. Parts are 19103-PR7-A00 and 19104-PR7-A00. I'm in a bit of a bind since the silicone hoses I got are too big for the OEM clamps and worm drive clamps just...
  8. D

    WTB NSX Gen 1 - Texas

    Greetings folks. New member here. Really interested in purchasing a first generation NSX. I'm located in Waco Texas, so meeting face to face with a seller in Dallas, Austin or Houston is not a problem. Color is not a big deal. Mileage and price are more important honestly. Budget is around...
  9. NSXVice

    WTB Automatic Transmission NSX T 1995 to 2001. May consider 2002+

    WTB Automatic Transmission NSX T 1995 to 2005 If you have an automatic or know anyone who has one and wants to sell please PM me or respond to this thread. I am looking for something under 100K miles. No mods at all. 100% OEM only. Clean title is a must. Any part of the country is ok.
  10. bonhamsurf

    WTB; Drivetrain geaers and anything to handle 800+whp 91 NSX. Possible Group Buy Too!

    I have a 1991 800+whp NSX. When I had was ony 642whp, I snapped my driiveshaft in half shifting from first to second with drag radials on, which over revved engine and caused me to bend a valve spring. Since then, i have totally upgraded Turbo and all components inducing doing a Brian Crower 3.4...
  11. Accel Junky

    WTB: High mileage NA1 coupe - Red/Black OR any mileage Monte Carlo Blue NA2

    I've owned 3 NSXs and just sold my lovely garage queen. I'd like to keep an eye out for another NSX in case I come crawling back as usual. Cash in hand. I'm looking for a high mileage (don't care how high as long as the car is mechanically sound and cosmetically maintained) Red/Black or Red/Tan...
  12. ntenseone

    Powertrain WTB: Passenger side axle shaft

    In search of a passenger side axle shaft in good condition with no rips/tears/leaks from boots. If you have a spare that you can let go of, please let me know. You can respond via PM or email me at [email protected] Thank you for looking!
  13. N

    Wtb 2005 nsx

    WTB Black NSX 2002 + Hello, I want to buy a clean and well maintained NSX. Year: 2002 + Color: Black Mileage: Very LOW or Less than 25k Notes: full stock OR stock included Can close the deal with serious seller for a very good price. Please email me pictures/price on [email protected]...
  14. V

    Wtb: brooklands green or midnight pearl NSX

    Just looking around to see if any are available. Timeline to purchase is between October to 2018. So maybe if you are thinking in a year or two just let me know. I am willing to wait for the right car. If possible I would love a hardtop. Clean title as well. Thief recovery would be ok, just no...
  15. X

    WTB gen 1 NSX 30k or less.

    Looking to be the proud owner of an NSX. Conditions: Maintenance up to date and out of snap ring range. I live in Panam City Fl, so the closer the better, i would 100% prefer to drive rather than fly to look at your NSX if you want to sell it. I have this thing about online transactions and...
  16. Nero Tenebre

    WTB: OEM Valve Covers (any color)

    Must be in good shape structurally and functionally. Chipped paint or strictly cosmetic things are no big deal. Please PM me, do not email me. Thanks-
  17. luigib

    WTB: OEM Center Console

    I need an OEM center console that is painted in the darker of the two greys. The console can not be peeling and i am looking for a 9.5/10 condition or better. Thanks, Luigi
  18. Mr. Fuji

    WTB: 91 ECU / ECM Chip for 5-spd

    Got one- thanks MJ! WTB an OEM ECU (aka ECM) chip for 1991 5-spd NSX. Must be in great working condition. Please send a PM with expected price, and we can talk. Fuji
  19. A

    WTB: Acura NSX ASAP *any condition*

    HEY everyone! I have decided to go another direction in an s2000, as there seem to be no junkyard NSX's around at a reasonable price. There are plenty of mint vehicles on here that I just can't afford! Thank-you for all your help and responses! Andrew ------------------ Very interested in...
  20. D

    WTB: 02+ front lip

    OEM or aftermarket. PM me. Located in Toronto, Canada. Local preferred, but will consider shipping.