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XPEL Ultimate Self Healing Protective Film thread

Interesting question clarkm, I wondered the same. Do you have to have a pristine paint job or can a few tiny nicks exist for them to install the film?
No, the paint doesn't have to be pristine. Mine wasn't (I just touched up whatever rock chips I could see) and the car still looks very good with the film. I get a lot of compliments on the car and film, and compared to the old school 3M PPF it's like night and day in terms of clarity and smoothness.
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Looks very interesting although i don't see on there website that have a installer anywhere remotely near me I'd like to have mine covered after a full body respray this summer.

Just be sure that you give your paint/clearcoat adequate time to properly cure before you go with any clear coat solution.

General guidance is 30-90 days for a proper cure, depends on your temperature changes, humidity, etc

Ask your fave body shop painter
I'm bumping this thread due to some questions being raised in another XPEL Ultimate PPF thread, as this forum only shows threads containing posts from the last month by default. Perhaps the mods will consider making this a sticky.