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YES !!! Finally got a NSX myself


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12 February 2002
Rotterdam, Netherlands
I am soooo excited!!! Just picked up a (my) 1994 red/black NSX up in Germany and drove in back to the Netherlands. Still cannot believe I actually bought the car!! This really is a dream come true.
Unfortunately I also had to deliver the car to a company who will handle the import-papers for me so it will be another three weeks before I have the Dutch license papers.
However, I was enjoying myself immensely on the Germany autobahn on the way back. Traffic was a bit busy at times but was still able to keep a nice pace.

Life can be soo good at time!!
Congrats! What a fun drive back it must have been
I'm envious....
Congrats! I think the NSX speedo just looks cooler in KM

It would be really cool if we, in the US, could cruise at over 125 MPH on the interstate

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!
Hi Netviper

Actually I was able to do 250 kph for a short while (about 155 mph). Unfortunately that picture only shows half the speedo. Never would have believed a car could be that stable at such a speed. However, back in Holland I immediately went back to the maximum 100-120 kph there. Do'n't want to loose my license.
As for the speedo, European speedo normally goes only to 280. Have no idea why mine runs up to 320 but somehow I don't mind :)