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You meet the nicest people in an NSX

24 May 2002
Dana Point, CA USA
Apologies to Honda for basterdizing their old motorcycle campaign tag but..

This afternoon, my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting up with another board member SoCal-NSX. As rare as these bad boys are, he lives just a mile or so away from my wife and I. SoCal had been very helpful to me in the past by pointing me to a local detailer as well as giving me some input on places to go for pre-purchase inspection and timing belt, etc. work. It was nice to finally put a face to his online handle and shake his hand in thanks.

Today was an picture perfect day in Dana Point and we met at the local Starbucks next to the Ritz Carlton to talk cars, talk story, and generally enjoy a bit of the afternoon.

I almost didn't post this thread because some might say its meaningless but I honestly feel that one of the things that not only makes this forum so cool but also NSX ownership so cool is the people.

We might be few and far between but I strongly believe that we're some of the most open minded, laid back, car enthusiasts on the planet and this is just one more reason why I'm stoked to be an NSX owner.

So thanks to SoCal and thanks to the owner and moderators of this board.

Much mahalos -