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Zaino saves my a$$ !

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
I haven't had time to post a review of the Zaino products. However, I have been VERY impressed.

Yesterday, Zaino SAVED my ass. IMO, it's quite a testament to the shine and smooth surface the products leave.

I was working around my car the other day getting ready for NSXPO. I had a can of black spray paint. I accidentally dropped it on the ground, and as my luck has it, the can shot up on my rear fender. @!*#@ !!! Luckily, my car was Zaino protected! The paint wiped right off, and now it looks like it never happened. I re-applied Zaino to the rear, and was so happy to see the same impervious shine.

-- Chris


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Maybe a Zaino rep would be willing to replicate what I experienced. The fright this time was enough for me.


-- Chris


www.ScienceofSpeed.com - Click for more info
www.NSXClassifieds.com - The internet's only exclusive NSX Classified site!
While I am currently using Zanio myself and have been very pleased, I suspect that as long as your car was properly waxed, the paint would have come off readily. I will also suggest that if you put nine coats (the starter coat, the sealer between each coat and three coats of the wax) of glaze and wax, any quality brand, the shine and protection would be as impressive!
Chris, I suspect the spray paint came off easily mostly because it was still wet. A couple week ago I tried spray painting a computer case to cover over some ugly scratches where all the paint had chipped off. After spraying a section of it, I realized I was only making it look worse. So I immediately got a rag and rubbed. The paint came off easily without too much effort. And hey, the computer case wasn't even waxed!

That being said, I think Zaino is great. I use it on my car and have no desire to switch to anything else. The first time I put Zaino on I got all kinds of comments the next day asking "where'd you get your car detailed?"
I to am so sold on there products i bought my 91 back in May and the car had some kind of bad wax build up with nasty swirls also. I tried everything to get rid of this nothing worked then i saw the adds on the NSX websites about Zaino Bros so i decided to try it. I bought the Clay Bar,Z-1,Z-5,Z-2 and the wash did just what the directions said and was just amazed after one coat no swirls just a wet looking shine this stuff is just great. Now all i have to do is use my California Duster and then spray the Gloss Enhancer on between washes and the car looks just like new.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
Zaino can also be purchased from local distributors.

You can find out the name of the closest distributor to you by asking Zaino.


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A few years ago, a neighbor of mine bought a new dark blue Caddy, and within two weeks, some punk took a can of white spray paint and tagged the rear quarter panel. I took out my bottle of high quality wax (I forget what brand), and went to work. After an hour, and a lot of elbow grease, it was all gone, and good as new. A good wax is worth worth much more than it costs.