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Zanardi question...

12 October 2001
Albany, NY, USA
I am close to closing on a Zanardi NSX and want to do some upgrades right away...I understand that the Zanardi is roughly .6 inches lower than an NSX-T as a result of the Zanardi suspension. If H&R springs would lower an NSX-T by 1.5 inches and Eibach springs lower an NSX-T 1.2 inches, how much would the H&R and Eibach lower a Zanardi NSX? Anyone with a Zanardi done it that can help?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Why in the world would you need to change the suspension on the Zanardi, that's already gotten the Zanardi suspension tweaks on it? And how do you know that it needs any changes if you haven't lived with the car yet and haven't gotten to know how it handles?

BTW, the height of the Zanardi is .4 inch lower than the regular NSX, not .6 inch. The roll center of the suspension geometry (NOT the height) is lower by .6 inch in the front, and .3 inch in the rear.

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I'm not speaking from experience, but from what I seem to remember reading, the drop for the Zanardi comes from it's different spring, so I would assume that changing those springs for aftermarket springs would put it at the same height as a normal (non-Zanardi) NSX with the same aftermarket springs.

Heh, the things I don't have to worry about with the Teins.
Hey, all you Zanardi owners: your car's value is about to go up in price, 'cause sseagroatt's gonna f*** one up.

The answer was posted by burbel above. If you change out the suspension you have changed out what causes the different height of the Zanardi, so the resulting height will be the same as it would be on any other NSX.
I'm sure that sseagroatt has driven many miles in an NSX and at least some miles in a Zanardi, that's why he wants to change the suspension that engineers have designed to make this car so special. He has every right to personalize his car. Maybe we'll all benefit from some Zanardi springs for sale on this site!
And, Amen Flaminio! How many Zanardis were built? Cross one off the list.
I can't believe i'm defending a matter of personal taste on a message board. I share in the same NSX-fanaticism that you all seem to and until today i have had only insightful and productive exchanges. I'm a big boy, so I'll assume the sarcasm and disrespectfulness shown by a few of you is just a reflection of your passion for this fine automobile and not personal.

I have driven 2 NSX-T and a 2 coupes (1 being the zanardi). There is no question that the Zanardi ride type is the best of those I've driven. But even still, from an asthetic standpoint, I still like a lowered look. Afterall, many of the cars I have seen on this site have asthetic enhancements that are very much in questionable taste. Is it worth tweeking the "perfected" Zanardi suspension to better fit my interests in having a lowered look...for me it is!

Thank you to those of you who were interested in helping a soon to be NSX owner.
Hey sseagroatt – Im totally in agreement with your right to do with your Zanardi what you will once you buy it, but you have to understand that what your are doing is akin to going out of your way to buy the 911 twin turbo, only to remove the turbos because normally aspirated is your personal preference. Sure, you have every right to go ahead and do it, but you have to expect some flack on the boards for it!

Best of luck with your Z purchase.
Originally posted by sseagroatt:
I can't believe i'm defending a matter of personal taste on a message board. I share in the same NSX-fanaticism that you all seem to and until today i have had only insightful and productive exchanges. [stuff deleted]

To be fair, this exchange was pretty productive with respect to your initial query. Since you hadn't posted (until your most recent post) WHY you wanted to revise what was a pretty well sorted out suspension (from a performance perspective), you shouldn't be surprised that some fellow enthusiasts questioned the rationale. If you want a lowered look, indeed you'll need to tweak the car - adjustable coilovers would be the perfect ticket. But if you skip the Z-NSX and get an early coupe and do the same suspension mods + turbo setup, you'll have a much faster car at the same or lesser price point. Just my $0.02.


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Originally posted by sseagroatt:
Is it worth tweeking the "perfected" Zanardi suspension to better fit my interests in having a lowered look...for me it is!

First of all, of course it is (or will be) your car, and you can do whatever you want with it.

But if you're going to tweak the suspension, why buy a Zanardi? There were only 50 Zanardis made, total. One of the big features is the special suspension. You're taking out what makes a Zanardi a Zanardi, so why not just buy a regular NSX and go at it with your mods?

(I'd make a joke about removing a Zanardi's legs here, but it would be in really, really poor taste...)

-Bob ('94 #496)
Okay, I guess I should apologize for the post I made that was fairly dripping with sarcasm. I was just a little shocked that anyone would go out of their way to adjust a suspension that, it seemed, they had logged so few miles on. Also, if I remember correctly, most of the changes to the Z-car are based on the redesigned suspension. Why change it?
But God bless you sseagroatt. I'm sure there's hardly an owner on this board that hasn't modified his/her car in some way. Let us know how you like the new car and the new mods!
Hey all,
I went to Wei Shen's (Chen Motorsports), track event at Atlanta Motor Speedway last year. Vincent Howard had his CT SC'd Z there. He wanted me to drive it on the parade lap to find a noise for him, as we were driving, he told me that the suspension on the Z was awesome and tweeked pefectly (for him). I drvoe the car at low speeds but loved the feedback I felt in the suspension. I didn't get a chance to drive it WFO on the track so I can't speak from personal experience, but it felt great what little I did drive it. He also mentioned that Wei Shen had driven his car and absolutely loved it. Wei Shen had also made the remark that he had spent upwards of 10k on different suspensions to get his car to ride like he wanted it to, and Vincent's Z had the ride he was looking for. So my point is this, (you still with me)? Of course anyone has the right to do anything to their car, BUT, changing the suspension of a Z would be one of the last things to cross my mind if ever I owned one. JMO.
Barn Man...
It's clear to me that "sseagroatt" wants to do this strictly for the way it will look.

I think performance/track oriented responses are missing the point.


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