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  1. S

    2017-2022 Acura NSX LED Headlight Set Left Right Pair LH RH OEM

    Selling set of 2017-2022 Acura NSX LED Headlight Set Left Right Pair LH RH OEM Good condition. Asking $2200 CAD OBO Will ship
  2. N

    BRAND NEW! Cliffud HID kit - $200 obo

    Hello All! I have a brand new, never installed, Cliffud HID kit, complete with bulbs, customer wiring, and ballasts. I got this years ago, and never installed them. Brand new - awesome kit for a seamless install. I honestly thought these were WhiteNSX HID kit, but i was wrong. These are Cliffud...
  3. F

    Exterior Front Bumber Running/Turn Indicator Light

    This part is original off my 1995 NSX-T Drivers side Item has small cracks on the lens but will work for someone who needs this part at a discount. please feel free ask any question, PayPal 75.00 to [email protected] fr the part...... I will include free shipping..... Thanks Fitzair1
  4. FF Drifter

    Headlights opening unevenly

    This is probably not that big a deal but it is just barely enough to bother me: my headlights are no longer opening at exactly at the same rate/speed. My passenger-side light is getting to its fully open position just barely a moment before the driver-side. Both lights retract perfectly...
  5. mchang

    Factory Red Headlight Covers

    FOUND PLEASE CLOSE Hi, I am looking for a pair of red headlight covers. Just the Headlight covers, not the lights or any of its components. Located in Socal. email me at [email protected] if you have some that you want to sell
  6. 0

    NEEDED ASAP 02-05 passenger headlight

    I need this headlight assembly to finish my build so please if you have one or know someone who does please call me Joey at 423-244-5817
  7. C

    Lighting/ Electrical issues

    My fellow gearheads, I need your help please. I have a 93 and I started having electrical issues. First, I noticed left turn signal would intermittenly work. I applied slight pressure to the lever and got it to blink like normal on the dash and outside signals. I could even let go at times...
  8. DealBird

    Group Buy Blaze HID Xenon Headlights Group Buy

    This is a: Third party group buy. Payment will be made to a third party Minimum Number of Units: 10 Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited Closing Date: December 19, 2011 Product Will Ship: After the group buy is closed Payment Procedure: Payment in full. Payment Methods Accepted: Credit Card on our...
  9. Nero Tenebre

    Exterior 02+ Headlights or Aftermarket Equivalent

    Thinking of doing an 02 front end conversion, and looking at both OEM and aftermarket headlight options. Really just looking for the headlight housings and associated hardware but don't really need the HID system necessarily if that brings the price down, and I would consider new or used parts...
  10. Nero Tenebre

    Question: 02 Headlights

    I've looked around and noticed that aftermarket alternatives for 2002 headlights have just about become extinct nowadays due to high failure rates. My question is: are there any still available, and why can't you just use a reliable electronic ballast to substitute for the unreliable ones...
  11. argon_nsx

    1998 RED OEM "pop-up" Headlingts.

    Hey guys! 1998 RED OEM "pop-up" Headlingts. I've done the conversion and these have been laying around. Though I'd keep them just incase I ever sold the car and someone wanted to go back to the OEM look. BUT... I'm going to be in my current house longer than planned and I need the room in my...
  12. M

    Honda NSX (most are used & all good) parts - 1 lot special only [1/2]

    i'm moving and i have a list of NSX parts in my garage that i hope to sell to anyone in 1 lot, all are clean & well-packed. Most are used but in good condition. The aftermarket electronic luminous speedometer, pure CF clear HID mod headlight kit, and rim electronic tuning stuffs are brand new...
  13. S

    HID Headlights Kit Recommendation. Problems with existing HID lights

    I have no idea what type of HID kit I have now on my car, as the previous owner had it installed. It's been annoying me cuz when I turn on my lights, only one would come on and I'd have to shut off the headlights, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on again for both to come on. The driver's side...
  14. Invisiblevision

    HID Kit

    I have a set of 8000K HID's in the 9006 style for sale. I can get more if anybody wants them as well. 6000K, 8000K, and 10000K. Each set will do one complete low, or high beam conversion. 6000K puts out bright white light. 8000K puts out a baby blue light. 10000K puts out a blue, almost...