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  1. My mis-adventures in engine-out maintenance...

    Semi-experienced shade tree mechanic here taking some time to tackel some deferred maintenance on my 1991 Formula Red NSX. Had the car since the end of 2020 and finally figured it's time as the weather is no longer freezing here in the PNW. This will include the timing belt, water pump, all...
  2. Mid-Atlantic NSX-approved Dealership?

    Hi All, New member, and hoping to be more involved in the community soon. I had a newbie question....is there a list of dealerships that are known to be "good" (is there a Honda/Acura certification for techs?) at dealing with 1st gen NSX's? I need to have some service work (coolant hoses...
  3. New (to me) 1991 NSX. Service in San Diego

    All, Thanks for keeping this site alive and well for people like me! Great place for knowledgable enthusiasts and helped me out a lot in my search for a car. I was lucky enough to get an excellent condition stock 1991 NSX with only 21,000 miles. All service was at Hoen Acura in San Diego area...
  4. Good maintenance/fix recommendations

    Hello, I am a new NSX owner, who imported a 1991 JDM NSX, through JDM Expo Co. I have searched other threads and found very good tips, but am starting this thread to try and consolidate as many good maintenance recommendations as possible. My car will be going into to a shop for its first round...
  5. Best Place to Get NSX Serviced in Fairfield County CT

    After purchasing the NSX it has finally come time to get it serviced. Anyone know of a good place in the Fairfield county or in CT? Cheers
  6. ca2822

    Transmission problems

    Just dropped my NSX off at Honolulu Acura to get my NSX looked at. It's a '92 in the snap ring range, but had the issue fixed a few years back and has an SOS clutch. I was driving and into first from a light I just felt grinding and I was unable to shift without really jamming it into gear. I...
  7. 03 raw nsx

    Interference Engine?

    Does anyone know if the NA2 3.2 engine is an Interference Engine?

    Battery Tender

    I have attached a Deltran Battery Tender Jr. to my 91 NSX. I have placed the charger to the posts on the battery and am having trouble getting it to charge the battery. I am wondering if this is a proper way to keep the battery charged. I am open to all feedback. thanks