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  1. chussey

    Kenwood head unit issues, popping and static.

    Hello everyone, I just installed a Kenwood KDC-X997 single DIN head unit into my 91 NSX, retaining the stock Bose speakers and amps. I am getting my speaker signals from the RCA outputs of the Kenwood headunit. All audio worked properly with the stock Bose headunit. The problem is I get a loud...
  2. chussey

    WANTED! Double Din Radio

    Looking for a double din radio for my NSX that will play from USB or other digital storage media. Let me know what you have!
  3. chussey

    WANTED! Center Console Broken OK

    Looking for a center console. Used or broken parts are ok. I'm located in Las Vegas Nevada... let me know what you have!
  4. chussey

    Help me choose the right double din head unit!

    Hi guys! Most of you have much more car audio experience than myself, so I would like your opinion on what double din head unit I should purchase. Requirements: -Reverse tilt -Play audio from usb storage -Be used with the stock Bose amps Bonus -GPS / NAV -Dial for volume control rather than...
  5. A

    My personal Double Din Console journey

    I posted some of these pics in the photo gallery with what I did to accomplish it. Hope it helps someone attempting to cut up their existing console. If these stock consoles were plentiful, it would make the process a lot less stressful:-). I had one shot basically to do it right and thankfully...
  6. A

    Center Console Inquiry

    Has anyone had any experience with the following individual? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLcWAL-dYNQ I found it online and it is what I am looking for. A Double Din console with the ash tray in tact. The video and any info on it is extremely vague and looks to be possibly across the pond...
  7. R

    Radio Antenna Question

    I am wondering if anyone else has this issue with their antenna: When I push the “on” button on my stereo system (when the stereo is in CD mode) for some reason the radio antenna is goes up. It this by design that the antenna will always go up, regardless of what mode it is in or it is just a...
  8. sporteknik

    Shark II Antenna

    Shark II Antenna - $30 Shipped
  9. G

    Relocate radio

    I drive my nsx manly on the track and on weekends. Has anyone thought to move the head unit in the glovebox on center armrest? I am not a radio guy so I don't care about audio quality and all I use the stock radio for is to listen to my iPhone. I would like to use the space where in radio is to...
  10. jond

    WTB -- CD Changer

    I'm looking for an OEM CD Changer. Edit: Thanks for all the offers. First one got my money. Thanks roger. Mods, please lock. .
  11. giftedg

    Interior Fiberglass Double Din NSX Console

    Hello, I have a spare fiberglass NSX Double Din Console for sale. Willing to sell it for $120 shipped within United States and Canada. Please contact Steve Trang 626-622-5520. email [email protected] http://www.flickr.com/photos/20347608@N04/5188494519/ Cheers Steve
  12. N

    Radio installer for nsx in houston

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a good radio installer in the Houston area? I'm looking to put in an alpine or pioneer nav/radio to replace the stock radio. Thanks, Nick [email protected]
  13. M

    Center Console

    I'd like to add an aftermarket radio. I had done this, and had the console cut in the past. The "professionals" that did this were a bunch of butchers and I think my only choice now is to replace the console. Are there aftermarket consoles that will acommodate an after-market radio? Thanks -...
  14. C

    wanted oem radio and centercounsel cover

    I could use a oem radio - prefer late model as I understand the color and cd compatability would be different on older ones.Either way let me know if you have one. A center counsel cover is also needed. contact me at 858-755-3642 thanks