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'02 NA2 NSX won't Crank/Start

29 July 2022
Hello fellow primers,

Its been awhile since I've been on here. my user name was "type-j" but for some reason i couldn't log on or reset my password so i made a new account lol.

Anyways I have 2002 NSX that has been sitting since last year. I did a fresh oil change and when I went to give it a start the first thing I noticed was my clutch was on the floor. I popped it back up but its pretty light so I just ordered a new clutch master and slave(yet to install it)

So here is the head scratcher, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I put the clutch in turned the key and had full power (12.5V). all dash lights came on and I heard the fuel pump prime. as soon as I turned the key to the start position nothing happened, no crank.

I read on here it may be a possible clutch solenoid/starter/ignition switch issue. I did the solenoid jumper and nothing happened. cleaned the ignition and same result. I jumped the starter by running a wire from the jump terminal to to the starter and it turned the engine.

So then I figured ok well let me just get the engine going. so I put the key in to the ON position and jumped the starter. the car cranked but didn't start.

So now here I am a bit baffled. I get no crank/no start when I try starting it. I get a no start when I try jumping the starter.

Anybody here know what I should be looking at next? It was just a coincidence that over the winter with the car sitting, my clutch master cylinder went and my car won't crank. what are the chances both happen at the same time? lol

Please help fellow primers! Thanks in Advance.