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1991 Black/Black NSX JH4NA1156MT000929

4 May 2003
Edit: I will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks.

It pains me to be doing this, but it looks like I have to put my NSX up for sale due to the fact that I’m moving closer to the city and can’t justify the additional costs of keeping the car. The car is in fantastic shape and is a joy to drive. I will definitely miss it, but hopefully down the line I will have the opportunity to buy another one.

General information:
’91 Berlina Black on Black NSX # 929
VIN JH4NA1156MT000929
5spd manual - Not in snap ring range
70,xxx miles
No accidents

DC Sports headers
Taitec GT Lightweight exhaust
JDM short gears (2nd, 3rd and 4th gears are more closely spaced for better acceleration)
Tein RA coilover suspension
HID kit 5000k
Clutchmaster clutch at 55k miles
SOS Stage 2 8.6lb lightweight flywheel (car revs ultra fast)
Cantrell Concepts AIS intake
Dali window regulator fix it thingies
SOS satin shift knob
SSR 17”x7.5” and 18”x9.5” Gunmetal Competition lightweight semi-forged rims.
Kumho Supra 712 205/40 front tires with 40-50% tread left
Kumho ECSTA MX 275/35 rear tires brand new
NSX car cover and front bra

Stock head unit
Phoenix Gold 2 channel 4x50 watt Tantrum amplifier
Focal PolyKevlar component speakers ($450+!)
Custom fiberglass subwoofer box in stock passenger footwell location (~$1000)
10” Earthquake SWS subwoofer

Modification and major services done between 55k and 57k miles (I have recipts documenting all work)
Service and modification work done by renown NSX specialist John Vasos at Acura of Brookfield
Timing belt and water pump replaced
Noisy interior aspirator fan replaced
Replaced rotors and brake pads
Refurbished trunk and engine hatch struts (fixes common issue where struts lose their abilty to hold trunk/hatch open)
Replaced all capacitors in AC unit (fixes common issue where stock capacitors leak and cause the AC unit to malfunction)
GM synchromesh transmission fluid
Oil changed every 3k miles with Mobile 1 synthetic and Honda NSX oil filter.

I curbed the right rear rim slightly when I did a careless parking job once =(
1 out of every 15-20 times I go to start the car the starter solenoid doesn’t engage properly. I’ll wait about 5 seconds, start the car again and it will work fine. I’ve never not been able to start the car due to this. The issue hasn’t gotten any worse over the past 2 years that I’ve had the car so I haven’t felt the need to replace the starter ($300 part).

As you can see, this is a very well maintained and very high end car. All the added parts are top quality. I have never tracked the car and as far as I know none of the previous owners have tracked it. With the suspension and performance modifications it has the potential to be an amazing track car if that’s you thing, but it also makes a great show car. It is a definite head turner. No one believes that it is a ’91. People always want to come over and comment/talk about the car. I’ve had multiple people pull up next to me and say that the car sounds absolutely amazing. Very intoxicating exhaust note. You’d swear you were sitting in a F1 car.

I always hand wash the car and wax it with Zaino Bros or NXT. I would say the exterior is 9/10 and the interior is also 9/10. There is a little bit of wear on the driver’s seat bolster. Most likely I will repaint the front bumper in the next week or 2 due to a number of rock chips in the paint. Other than that, the paint is 100% original. This car has never been driven in the winter! There are no signs of rust or salt damage anywhere on the car.

Looking for $33,000 obo for the car as is. I am not parting out the modifications.
I am located just outside Boston, MA.
I can be reached at [email protected] or 617-290-7682

Here are some pictures of the car. More available at request.




getting a bath



some boston skyline shots

slight wear on seat

one of my favorite

beautiful setting for a beautiful car
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Well, I couldn't bear going just one more spring without the NSX so I ended up keeping the car for a while longer. Now it has already dragged on into summer and I figure I better start posting it for sale again or else I'll never bring myself to sell it. =)

The above details still hold true except for the following:
There are now 73,500 miles on the car.
I had the front bumper repainted to remove rock chips and some scratches a careless parker left on the car. Looks perfect now.
Asking $32,000

Car runs great and looks absolutely beautiful. Feel free to email or call me with any questions.
is this car still for sale? If so please email me thanks!

enkrypt3d @ gmail . com
Car is gorgeous is it still for sale?