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1995 for 17k

He's/she's in so much of a hurry to sell that he/she didn't even have time to post a decent ad.:rolleyes: I'd say this is probably also a reflection of the car's condidtion.:frown: OR maybe they need some "getting out of dodge quick b/c I can't pay my gambling debt" money.
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Either its a scam, or they gotta get outta dodge quick. Lots of miles... but even '91-'94's with that many miles are listed for more.

Could be a great deal if someone wants the mileage.. and who knows what else into restoration.
Those are the pics and info from when it was listed on Ebay back in February. It sold pretty quickly at a buy it now of $17k.
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sometimes people post a car in different cites to get more bites.

but its a low price def
If this is the same car and any of these ads are real this car is like wheres waldo :confused:
That is a scam. That car is currently for sale on this forum for 23.9k in Texas. I have been speaking with the owner of this vehicle for a while. Someone stole pictures of his car from an online for sale posting so that they could scam ppl...