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1996 ACURA NSX-T To Be Sold at Barrett-Jackson Lot: 343.1

8 August 2011
San Antonio, Tx
For anyone interested a 96 Blk/Blk JH4NA1189TT000349 with 29K miles is for sale at Barrett-Jackson in Vegas ( No reserve ). I spotted it in the intro for the sale on the Speed channel. It will be on the block Friday afternoon. It could be a good deal for someone. Thought I'd pass it along.
The VIN #'s appear to match

Must have been nap-time for daddy .... every now and then I open my eyes and notice things like that but as you can see the rest of time I just wonder around in a daze.

I went and looked at the Barrett Jackson site to look at their bidding rules. As close as I can tell there is a 12% buyer's premium added to the bid, which I think is absurd, and on top of that there is a registration fee of $400, which is just a slap in the face. Too late to be bidding on the car which should sell sometime today though. The Speed Channel will begin live coverage at 2:00pm, I've got it on record.
the seller couldn't sell the car so he did a consignment and have the car auctioned off

the car is ok. not having some of the stock parts make it not as desirable. it doesn't have the front lower lip anymore. the rear exhaust is custom, some internal i don't know of with comptech tips. paint condition is ok, typical wear and swirls. but for a car with only 29k miles, the leather condition is a bit disappointing. not exactly tears or cracks, but it's worn and dry.
Looks like an 01 will be up for auction too. I cant wait to see what they go for.
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So how much is the seller walking away with?
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