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1998 NSX-T - SPA YELLOW/Black

17 July 2006
Calabash, NC
FULL VIN #: JH4NA2165WT000230
COLOR (EXT/INT): Spa Yellow / Black
TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual
PRICE: $45k obo

This NSX has a story, but it is a good story, a bit sad during some of it. This NSX was about to be purchased from its current owner by Steve Gooding, Raleigh area Certified NSX Technician. Those of you who attended NSXPO 2013 got to meet Steve over the weekend. He participated along with Larry Bastanza in conducting the Tech Session during NSXPO. Steve was driving this NSX over the NSXPO weekend. Steve sadly passed away suddenly just a few days after NSXPO. Here is the story…it’s a bit long but well worth the read…..especially if you are interested in purchasing a very good NSX.

This NSX is one of only about two dozen that came with the Acura optioned, dealer installed Comptech Performance Accessories Package. This package included a Comptech supercharger, headers and exhaust, and Brembo's "Indy" brakes. Paperwork shows this option added an additional $45k ($38k parts and $7k labor) to the cost of this NSX when it was purchased brand new in 1998. The original owner paid around $135,000 for this NSX.

Since 2007, this car has had three Raleigh area owners. The first of these owners purchased the car in 2007 from the second owner (a physician who owned the car for 4 ½ years).

During the period of the first Raleigh area owner (2007-2010), the following modifications and performed maintenance included:

• Bilstein Struts and Eibach Pro Springs.
• NSX-R front sway bar
• NSX-R chassis bars
• NSX-R round shift knob (with yellow lettering),
• NSX-R carbon fiber/mesh shift boot.
• NSX-R carbon fiber hood (color matched to the car),
• Rebuilt Clutch master assembly and slave.
• Replaced Main relay switch, fuel filter and gas cap.
• Replaced Ignition Switch
• Replaced Oxygen Sensors
• Installed Random Technologies High Flow Catalytic Converters.

In November of 2010 a low speed encounter with a deer resulted in minor damage that required the replacement of the driver’s side front fender, headlight cover and front bumper cover. The damage was strictly cosmetic. The repairs were properly made by Steve Gooding with paintwork by a good friend of Steve’s known to the local NSX community. Matching Spa Yellow is very difficult – said to be one of the hardest NSX colors to match.

The car was purchased by a second Raleigh area individual who has owned several NSX’s. He is also a Prime member and is available to answer any questions about this NSX. During his ownership (2010 – 2012) he encountered a problem with the supercharger that subsequently led to a decision to replace the motor. Steve Gooding was able to locate a same year, low mileage engine (1998, 3.2 with near perfect compression 179 – 181 on all cylinders). Prior to installing the motor, Steve replaced the timing belt and water pump, changed all fluids and restored this car to near original condition. All of the Comptech upgrades remain, with the exception of the Supercharger.

The current Raleigh area owner of this NSX is also a previous NSX owner. The car is running on Work Cr-Kai rims and nearly new Sumitomo tires. The car is both cosmetically and mechanically near perfect. I have been familiar with the car and its owners since 2007. Steve Gooding has been the primary mechanic for this NSX since that time. And as mentioned earlier, Steve was planning to purchase this car before his untimely death and as such had just completed the process of sorting out any issues with the car. Records dating back to the original purchase of the car are available. Many more additional photos are available.

Interested parties should contact the current owner here in Raleigh…C. Dan Unkefer at 919 949-5406. I am also available to discuss this NSX as well.

John Komar - Co-Chair NSXPO 2013
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