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1998 - Spa Yellow / Black - JH4NA216WT000230 - $29,500

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13 October 2007
Vehicle has been sold!1998 NSX
FULL VIN #: JH4NA216WT000230
COLOR (EXT/INT): Spa Yellow / Black
TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual
CONTACT VIA (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.): [email protected]

Following is a detailed overview of my NSX.

About six weeks ago (in November 2010), I nicked a deer. The deer clipped the lower driver's side front of my NSX, but in my attempt to completely avoid the deer I subsequently drove off onto the unpaved side of the road and scrapped the lower front nose of my NSX, the passenger side rim, and the side skirts. This all happened on a back road at night, so I was not driving very fast.

(In the three+ years of owning my NSX, this was only the third time I'd driven my car at night, and I was driving at this time simply because I had just installed a new battery.)

The damage is strictly cosmetic; as you will see from the below pictures, the front bumper - located under the nose - is totally unmarked. The main replacement work that will be required is as follows:

1) Driver's side fender.
This item is often offered used here on Prime.

Alternatively, for around $1,000, a set of DownForce wide front fenders can be purchased from Science of Speed (SOS). According to people here on Prime, the DownForce fenders look great, and fit like OEM. And for $1,000, you get two for less than the price of one new OEM fender.

You can read about these fenders on Prime here:


And here at SOS:


2) Driver's side headlight cover/lid and headlight bulb.
Both of these items are often offered used here on Prime.

3) Front nose section.
Mine was damaged, and will need to be replaced. This item is often offered used here on Prime.

4) A new (passenger side) front rim.
I have Work CR-Kai rims, and SOS said a new one will cost around $350. The one that was damaged still works, but it is now marred up (see pictures, below).

As far as I can tell, these will be the primary parts needed. The bottom of the passenger side fender near the door needs a *little* work - as you can see in the attached pictures - but it doesn't need to be replaced. (But if you go with the DownForce fenders, repairing the current fender won't be an issue.)

The side skirts were also damaged, but the skirts I have are custom made vented (fabricated from OEM skirts, so they bolt on perfectly). I still have the original skirts, however, and I will provide these to the buyer.

(If the buyer wants vented, however, NSX Primer “ONEADAM12” copied my vented, modified OEM skirts and sells them for around $900. Due to the look, I'd go vented.)

Now, this is what I am offering:

1998 Spa Yellow NSX with black interior.

According to my research, this NSX is one of only about two dozen that came with the Acura optioned, dealer installed Comptech performance accessories package. This package included a Comptech supercharger, headers and exhaust, and Brembo's "Indy" brakes. I have paperwork that shows this option added an additional $45,000 ($38,931.68 parts and $6,300 labor) to the cost of my NSX when it was purchased brand new in 1998.

Meaning, the original owner paid around $135,000 for this NSX.

I purchased the vehicle in late October 2007 from the second owner (a doctor in North Carolina, who owned the vehicle for about four and a half years); at the time of purchase, the NSX had around 38,500 miles. In the three years, three months that I’ve owned the NSX, I've put only around 8,000 miles of clear weather driving on the car. Current mileage: 46,245.

Since purchasing the vehicle, I have completed/replaced/installed the following:

1. Full timing belt service; to include water pump, thermostat, spark plus, coil packs, gaskets; etc.
January 2008. Cost (parts and labor): $2,000

2. Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires: Front: 215/40R17; Rear: 265/35R18. January 2008. Cost (parts and labor): $1,000. (Tires still look new.)

3. Science of Speed Engine hatch and trunk struts.
January 2008. Cost: $185

4. Bilstein Struts and Eibach Pro Springs.
January 2008. Cost (previously used parts and labor): $800

5. NSX-R front sway bar.
2008. Cost: $200

6. NSX-R chassis bars.
2008 Cost: $350

7. NSX-R round shift knob (with yellow lettering) and NSX-R carbon fiber/mesh shift boot.
2008 Cost: $300

8. NSX-R carbon fiber hood.
2008 Cost: $1,200 (Hood plus Spa Yellow paint.)

9. Downforce carbon fiber / clear engine cover.
2008 Cost: $800.

10. Clutch Master Assembly and Slave.
2008 Cost: $200

11. Main relay switch, fuel filter and gas cap.
2008 Cost: $115.

12. Ignition switch.
2008 Cost: $120.

13. Oxygen (O2) Sensors.
2008 Cost: $200

14. Random Technologies High Flow Catalytic Converters.
2008 Cost: $600

15. Painted brake calipers yellow. 2008

16. Gas tank expansion unit and fuel switch.
2009 Cost: $180.

17. Igniter Unit.
2008 Cost: $240.

18. K&N Air Filter.
2009 Cost: $55

19. Rebuilt Heads (Driving Ambition)
2009 Cost: $5,100. (Heads: $3,400; Labor: $1,700)

In 2009, my mechanic noted that a few valves seemed worn on my engine, and suggested a valve job. Driving Ambition had a set of fully reconditioned heads for sale at a great price, and as the cost difference between a simple valve job and completely reconditioned heads was not that great, I decided to pay up and buy the heads.

When the new heads were installed, the following items were also installed/replaced:

a. Science of Speed billet Camshaft plugs. Cost: $60

b. Head gaskets. Cost: $140

c. Comptech Supercharger smooth idler pulley, grooved idler pulley, gaskets, O-rings; etc. $$$

d. Electronic signal modifier and fuel pump booster units. Cost: $500

e. New spark plugs. Cost: $60

20. Powdercoated the supercharger, valve covers and Comptech Targa cross bar a close to matching as possible Spa yellow.
2009. Cost: $500

21. New Duralast battery.
2010 (Replaced one hour before meeting Mr. Deer.)

Documentation/receipts noting the above parts will be provided to the buyer.

Outside of the body work, the one mechanical piece of work that I know needs to be performed is the installation of a new Vortech FMU (fuel management unit). However, I have already purchased this item from Comptech - along with all new stainless/black rubber coated fuel lines - and will provide these items to the buyer. This is a simple bolt on replacement, and the FMU was pre-tested and calibrated at Comptech prior to shipping.

The FMU and fuel lines will be included with the vehicle. Cost: $700.

Also included in this sale are the following parts:

1. Brand new, never installed high performance Porterfield carbon ceramic brake pad set for the Brembo Indy brakes. Cost: $250.

2. Brand new, never installed OEM Honda front lip. Cost: $125.

3. Brand new, never installed Science of Speed Fuel pressure gauge kit and fuel sensor fitting kit. Cost: $100

4. Brand new 1998 NSX Owner’s Manual. Cost: $42.

5. Wolf custom fit, triple layered indoor NSX car cover. Excellent condition. Cost: $170.

6. All the parts that were damaged in the accident (Front nose, fender; etc.). These damaged parts will be helpful, as they include all the original bolts, fasteners and other bits and pieces that will be needed when installing the new front nose, fender; etc.

7. The original OEM Acura side skirts.

8. Used OEM Acura coil packs.

9. Other misc. NSX parts.

Following is a link to my NSX (prior to meeting Mr. Deer, and before I installed the vented side skirts) on the SOS website. SOS pictured my NSX, as it has the Work CR-Kai rims that SOS sells:



I've also attached a picture of my NSX with the vented skirts; this picture was taken right after I had all side markers and front and rear lenses tinted.



The other pictures show the drivers's side fender and front nose removed. These were removed by the body shop so the insurance company could verify there was nothing more than cosmetic damage. As already stated, you can see the black colored, under nose front bumper is totally untouched. Also attached is a picture of the small damage on the bottom of the passenger side fender.



(The yellow overspray noted in the pictures occurred in 2008. When I installed the NSX-R vented hood, I had it painted Spa Yellow. The front nose area had a number of rocks chips at the time, so I had the front nose painted along with the hood, and this work was blended into the fenders.)

The other pictures show the spotless interior (which still smells new!) and engine bay.



Since purchasing my NSX, I have kept it in pristine condition. It has been stored in my heated garage (where it is now located), and all maintenance has been performed by Acura and/or NSX-specific trained mechanics.

As you can see, a lot of quality work has been performed on this NSX, and it comes with many extra, quality parts. In order to facilitate a quick sale, I am offering everything noted above (vehicle, parts; etc.) for what may be the best deal of 2011: Only $29,500.

Please feel free to contact me in the event you are interested.

+ Vehicle has been sold!
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