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2 weeks to becoming a new owner!

4 June 2008
Dubai, UAE
So as the title say, two weeks or less till I pick up my new NSX!

Just wanted to share my excitment and introduce myself.

Most of you know the owner of the car I will be getting as he posts here often, and has one of the best looking NSX's on Prime (IMHO) - Jetpilot3. He has put so much attention and time into the car - 02 conversion, custom interior and some of the best aftermarket parts available for the car.

He is in the process of making sure the car is in perfect condition before he hands it over to me (perfect gentleman) so is in the workshop getting worked on along with some new interior alterations that I have decided on - my small touch!

I've been a Honda enthusiast for a number of years now, owning an EP3 Civic Type R (slightly modified), an 04 S2000 which will now become my daily driver (I/H/E Mugen and Spoon) and now the NSX. I do wish I had kept my Type R now as that would have been quite a collection, but slightly superfluous really! My wife is just happy that she'll be able to drive the S on occasion now!

I've been reading the forum for a year now and have to say that it looks like it has a great bunch of friendly enthusiasts and I look forward to sharing my experience with the car soon - driven it once and it really was love at first drive!
congratulations!!!! i've seen many pics of pilot's car. it's badass. i'm in the process of converting over to 02' front end. post some pics once you get it.
Thank you for the compliments Arfiman and let me welcome you to NSX Prime!

You'll enjoy the car immensely and now we've got 3 members in the Dubai clan of NSX ownership. I've said it before that this group of NSX enthusiasts are top notch and very valuable for the wealth of information gained.

Both myself and ViperDriver (the NSX's former owner) are very happy the car is going to you and that you are just like us in that you know the value of a well taken care of car.

If anyone's wondering I'm now looking for my ever elusive 2002 - 2005 Imola Orange and have sought out the help of some prime members for inspecting one for me.

I'll post up the purchase if one happens in the near future.

Enjoy your stay Arfiman!

Wow :eek:
I can't believe you sold her after that gorgeous interior conversion. I do understand the lust for orange though.
I should have shipped out to Dubai after I graduated, you guys have all the fun:smile: