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2002 Acura NSX w/20k miles - $39,995


... and:

Seller's Notes: ***MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION***Check out one of the most amazing Japanese exotic imports! Beautiful 2002 NSX Targa with 6 speed trans, perforated leather seating, power seats, 3.2L motor producing 292 HP, tinted windows, tinted rear taillights, aftermarket slotted hood, clear bra, 18" front wheels, 19" rear wheels, CD changer, bluetooth wireless set-up. NSX floormats, 95+ tire tread left, immaculate inside and out. This NSX will have a rebuilt title, had front end damage that was repaired 100%, no sign of previous damage AT ALL - this car is a beauty! Call Cory or Jason for more info at 801-467-6
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That car has been out there for a long while. Since I've been looking and that's at least 2 or 3 months. I walked immediately - why, because it's a dealer - no records, no visual photos of before and after. If this had just easily repaired damage why would it be salvage? The dealer will say something like this, I've heard this myself, "sometimes cars will take such a long time to repair because panels and items due for replacement will take a while to find and then get to the body shop that some insurance companies will total it, for "expedience" where the owner is concerned rather than keep on paying for a rental car". While there may be some merit to that, it also leaves a whole lot to be desired as in real history, records, and repair bills? Wouldn't you think that a dealer selling a car like this would have more than just his "word" that everything was ok? Wouldn't he have an insurance claim estimate of damage - some paper trail OR would that paper trail look worse than just simply putting a "come and get it" price on the car. Trying to appeal to someone that may over look these details for money saved?

Hey it might be ok, but without some real record verification type proof, well, I surely would walk. There are just too many others out there right now.

That's my take,
still in search of an NSX myself! Good luck!
Not a bad price but rebuilt means rebuilt so the damage was substantial and I am sure any you can tell it has been repaired. I also don't like the aftermarket hood it should have a stock hood. The difference is cost is small so it shows every corner that could be cut was in the repair.
If I were looking I would be tempted to have it checked out at a frame alignment shop. As long as it checks out and wasn't worried about resale value it looks like a great car.

I actually like the hood...
Makes a great track rat if anything....