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2004 Acura NSX T $45,000

I tried calling the seller and my call went straight to a voicemail. Has anyone been able to speak to speak to the seller? I agree that the price seems low. My scammeter is starting to make some noise.
Doubt it's a case of the car loosing value. The seller likely needs to sell the car quickly... Or
Notice how the VIN isn't provided. Probably because the car has some "issues". Repairs, salvage etc.
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A quick Google search and came up with this as the number for cassels auto sales.. (321)385-1315

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Thanks for the number. I tried but I keep getting a recording saying " your call did not go through". This seems like another one of those too good to be true situations. If this was a no stories car, wouldn't it be worth closer to 60k?
Some of you guys never learn do you???


I have some friends in the business and most dealers do this for one reason, to draw attention to their website so you can buy other cars. These are strictly a marketing ploy at best, scam at worst....doh