2005 listing for ~$20,000

Jan 23, 2008
Southern California
I know im stating the obvious but early model NSX's are going for 30+k~.. So 20k for an 05' with that kind of mileage is a bit far fetched. The telephone number listed on the NSX that is supposedly located in Beverly Hills has a Missouri area code, I decided to call it anyway since there could have been a once in a lifetime opportunity as small as a grain of salt to own a 05 for that price' :D
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Apr 5, 2008
Tacoma Wa
Today there were 8 listings for 97-2005 nsx's under 20k...all the same guy using differant phone numbers some work some dont, but he always has the same email
[email protected]

Its been a joke of a hobby for my wife and I to correspond daily with this guy waisting his time because he is scamming people--he always has a new advertisement up because they get pulled down often. ( hmm retired need yet another hobby) :biggrin:

He always wants ebay tranactions without listing the item it isnt covered under there buyer protection..
I used to sell some of my custom choppers now and then on ebay ,,,I would list it as a private auction and only approve the real buyer so we would both be protected.