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2013 Viper on the streets now

30 June 2004
Edmond, OK
Dodge has come a long ways. Absolutely beautiful car.




Looking at the interior, this was the original dash setup in the first viper

Now it looks like this

Not my pics - stole from another forum
I agree, I think the new Viper is going back to its roots. The original RT/10 and GTS were so stylish, and I think the SRT10 kind of lost that sex appeal. The new Viper is sexy and menacing looking. I can't wait to see one in person!

I also heard a rumor that Ford might be doing a follow up to the Ford GT. It would make sense, because Chevrolet is coming out with the new C7 Corvette soon, Dodge has the new Viper, and Ford probably doesn't want to be left out of the trend.

I wonder where in Michigan that was?

I'm liking this car.
It needs cleaner lines.

The rear end is a mess and so is the hood and front fascia.

That being said, it looks like Dodge is trying, for which I give them credit. Can't wait to drive one.
YUCK! Looks like something out of Dr. Seuss book. WAY too many angles mashing together. Interior is pretty hot looking, though.
Also the exhaust sound never did much for me either.

I laugh at the dash on the original. Did they transplant that from a 1987 K car?
What's the pricing on the new Viper?

I'm impressed by the fact that they killed the Viper just a couple of years ago and is able to come up with this ground up design within this time frame.
Those pictures do not do it justice I saw it at the auto show and man oh man. :eek: It is a bit busy compared to the original GTS but it also adds some aggression. The 640hp stock is not bad either. :biggrin: I will have one at some point as it is my kind of car. I am sure a lot of people here are waiting for the 2019 NSX... Keep on waiting. :wink:
I'm extremely excited about the new Viper, I think the voluptuous lines are a throwback to the original which has always been a favorite of mine.
Looks much better than before, and the new interior is sexy.

Is it me, or does the car look REALLY high off the ground? First thing I thought was 4x4?
So, I was looking at the gauges on the new interior, reading what everything said since the car is either turned on or on ACC. I couldn't help but to notice the clock was set to 10:10. I find this interesting, since that's usually only done on clocks with hands, not so much digital:

Interesting that they did the same is this image too.