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2017 was lowered with aftermarket springs. How difficult to change back to OEM?

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I am looking at purchasing a 2017 that was lowered with aftermarket springs. I have the OEM springs. How hard is it to change back to the oem springs and height. The car is way too low to drive anywhere as is.Thanks,Manny
Just to close this thread. You will need to purchase a special tool sold by Science of Speed in order to remove the lock nut at the top of the strut. Without this tool it is really difficult. With the tool you can compress the springs then undo the lock nut and pull the springs. The job takes around 6 to 8 hours to complete without the alignment. I had a time constraint and decided against the alignment. The alignment can take several hours and is a back and forth effort. The NSX Techs took pictures of the alignment tabs and showed me that they were never moved. So Eibach did not do an alignment following the addition of the lowering springs. The OEM tires wore smoothly. While I liked the look of the lowering springs where I live the road is badly damaged requiring that I drove literally 3 or 4 mph. Now with the OEM springs I can drive the same area at 5 to 10 mph. No difference in ride quality noticed between the Eibach and the OEM springs.